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February 01, 2021 2 min read

If we could, we would eat and celebrate life with a slice of chocolate cake every single day! While that may not be the best idea, today gives us a reason to actually indulge in our chocolate-filled desires with a slice of decadent and creamy chocolate cake! That’s right - it’s National Chocolate Cake Day! The 27th of January every year is celebrated as National Chocolate Cake Day in the U.S.A, and while this celebration may be something that only happens at the other end of the world - we don’t see a reason why we shouldn’t partake in a celebration so sweet, too! 

First believed to have been brought to the world somewhere around the 1800’s - the chocolate cake has become almost everybody’s favourite treat today - no matter where you are in the world, how old you are, or your personal preferences - we’re willing to bet chocolate cake, has, for at least a time in your life - been your most favourite treat! There’s so many reasons and ways to celebrate this decadent cake - all by itself, topped with cream, whisked together with cheese or even with a medley of other flavours like cherries, vanilla - and even chili!

So, how do you celebrate World Chocolate Cake Day? There are so many ways to go about it!

Perhaps start off by learning more about this wonderful treat - it’s history, journey through the modern times and what it pairs best with! You can read our blog post about the history of the chocolate cake right here.

How about going the other route and becoming a master baker - browse through some of the best chocolate cake recipes on the internet and go crazy in the kitchen - find a fun way to incorporate all your favourite flavours infused into a delicious chocolate cake and get your friends and family to review your culinary skills!

Little too lazy for all that work? Come on over to CakeRush and pick up the perfect chocolate cake to celebrate with! We have them in an endless array of shapes, sizes, types and even have so many other fusion cakes with chocolate and some of your other favourite flavours. We’ll bring you your cake in a jiffy - so you can get your celebrations on.

Now that you’ve got your cake, plan a day with your favourite people to truly relish this sweet treat - plan a fancy dinner, a day of Netflix and chill, or call your friends and have a Zoom date to enjoy your chocolate cakes together. We even like the idea of celebrating all along - with your favourite tub of ice-cream and one of our delicious chocolate cakes to go along with it - the more cake for just yourself, the merrier after all! 

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