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December 23, 2020 3 min read

The season of love is right around the corner - candy hearts, colours of love, sweets and an air of romance fills the air! Whether you’re celebrating someone special, your friends that you love or you’re celebrating your special self - Valentine’s day is a day to truly feel the love and spread it all around! So, what could you do this year to make your special day of love even sweeter? Well, we’ve got a few ideas for you:

1) Cozy Cuddling
If you’re bored of the regular romancing on Valentine’s Day, or if you and your sweetheart prefer something a little more simple, this Valentine’s plan could be the perfect one for you. Start the day off with cozy cuddles in bed - a beautiful breakfast in bed could never go wrong right after! You and your boo can simply spend the day under the sheets with one another, get take-out or cook a delicious meal for one another, and spend the day relishing each other’s presence while doing something fun like a Netflix marathon, beating each other at games or even creating special Valentine’s art together! End the day off on a sweet note with some simple, yet delicious dessert - cupcakes, cookies, brownies or whatever you may fancy; there’s no going wrong with this plan - especially when you both best enjoy just being with one another.

2) Fairytale Celebrations
If you and your darling like reigniting the spark whenever you can - a fairytale celebration could be the right way to make your V-Day super special. Whether it’s a gorgeous getaway vacation, or a well-planned out candlelit dinner with music, lights and a whole lot of romance - glitz up the occasion, dress to the nines and make each other swoon with delight every step of the way. End your night on a sweet note with something gorgeous and sinfully delicious - nothing sets the mood like decadent chocolate and fresh strawberries!

3) Simple and Sweet
Don’t want to get too fancy with the celebration, but still want to make it memorable? Go with this simple and sweet plan, you don’t have to go all our with the glitz to have a fun day out! Plan out a lovely little picnic or day around the town for you and your boo - fresh flowers, scrumptious snacks and some delicious cake! A simple and sweet Valentine’s day is also the perfect way to get your couple’s ‘gram game popping. Get all your favourite snacks, gorgeous accessories and summery clothes - and have yourselves a mini sunshiney photoshoot at your picnic. Pick up the perfect trendy minimalist cake or rainbow cake for something super sweet and aesthetically delicious to add some sugary flair to your pictures.

4)  Galentine’s Fiesta
Not spending your V-day with your boo? Why not plan something with your besties - after all, no one knows you and loves you like your gal pals! Plan yourselves a day of self-care, your favourite music, movies, shopping - and a whole lot of delicious food! Turn your day with your besties into a photoshoot and get your Instagram game on with the cutest ‘fits and just the right accessories to go with the occasion. Want to make your pictures pop twice as much? Sweeten up your day with a gorgeous Macaron tower - with enough sweetness for everyone to share!

5) Love Yourself!
The best sort of love, at the end of the day, is always self-love! So, why not use V-Day as the perfect way to celebrate the one person that’s always there for you, and that knows you best - yourself! Plan out a day for yourself with all your favourite activities, foods, and buy yourself a wonderful Valentine’s Gift too! Treat yourself to something super sweet with assorted brownies, cupcakes, or even an irresistible box of brookies! 

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