Super Sweet 11.11 Deals!

What's sweeter than an irresistible deal? Double the discount on your favourite sweet treats! This 11.11 we're bringing you 22% off sitewide on all your favourite cakes, cookies, and more.

RM33 OFF - 9 November 2020                   RM44 OFF - 10 November 2020          22% OFF SITEWIDE - 11 November 2020
10AM-12PM / Promo code: 10to12              9AM-11AM / Promo code: 9to11            12AM-11:59PM, NO CODE NEEDED.
12PM-2PM / Promo code: 12to2                  1PM-3PM / Promo code: 1to3
4PM-6PM: 4to6 / Promo code: 4to6             5PM-7PM / Promo code: 5to7
7PM-9PM: 7to9 / Promo code: 7to9             8PM-10PM / Promo code: 8to10

*limited redemption units, first come first serve basis.

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