#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

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Bananas for Bananas with CakeRush

No, really - we get the hype with bananas. First of all, as a stand alone meal, bananas are tasty and perfect as on-the-go snacks. They’re easy and convenient to eat, because they almost never require any preparations beforehand. You can pair a banana with any dessert and it would still taste amazing. The best part? Bananas are incredibly nutritious and they’re just as great for your digestive system. Talk about the best of both worlds!

CakeRush is dedicated to being Malaysia’s best online cake shop. You can order a cake with us on our user-friendly website from any device, and expect your cake to be delivered at your doorstep! Want a banana cake for a Netflix evening by yourself? You got it!

The Best Banana Cakes in Malaysia

In the world of baking, banana cake has always been a classic. There's just something about the way the banana flavour cuts through - that makes them a favourite among people of all ages. If you’ve got someone who’s craving a banana cake, you can make a special delivery with CakeRush! 

Best Banana Cakes in Kuala Lumpur:

  • Chocolate Banana Paradise Cake

  • Choco-Nana Cake

  • Apam Balik Cake

  • Nutty-Mushy Nutella Banana Mille Crepe Cake

Top Banana Cakes in Penang:

  • I Love Mom

  • Her Cheongsam

  • Pink Elephant

  • Moon Bunny

Delivery Across Areas in Kuala Lumpur and Penang

Make someone feel special with a banana cake delivery today! With a fast and convenient order, you can make someone’s day a little sweeter than it was before. Plus, it would be a thoughtful gift for someone who genuinely needs a break. Enjoy next-day delivery with CakeRush from Monday to Friday!

Got someone extra special that you need to impress ASAP? Well, CakeRush to the rescue! With our same-day delivery, you can reap the benefits of prioritising a loved one’s cravings. You know what they say - the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. So, order a banana cake with CakeRush today!