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May 12, 2022 3 min read

Ever thought about what to get your dad for Father’s Day? Or have you forgotten about Father’s Day like most of us have? If you’re like anything like us, you will be scrambling to get Dad a gift when the day rolls around. In case you forgot, Father’s Day 2022 falls on 19th of June. This special man in your life deserves more than just some best wishes. Pamper him with something he’ll love – food. What better food for celebration than a lush, decadent, delicious cake.

Don’t worry, we at CakeRush have done the work for you! We’ve compiled a list of our best cakes for Father’s Day along with some sweet, irresistible add-ons to impress your old man.


Chocolate Fudge Cake

Dads are simple creatures. Feed them what they love to eat and put a smile on their face. Coming home after a long busy day at work, he’ll be overjoyed to have a tasty treat of chocolate cake waiting at the table. The first choice we would go with is something simple – a dark, lush, chocolate cake topped with rich, creamy ganache – the Chocolate Fudge Cake.

Generous swirls of fudgy chocolate icing top this delicious cake. The inside is light and spongy with a middle layer of the same chocolate fudge cream. Plunge your fork into a piece and a world of delight awaits your tastebuds. This is a must-try if Dad is a chocoholic.  



Huckleberry Burnt Cheesecake


Fathers are known to be cheesy with their dad jokes and pseudo-sarcastic one-liners. Speaking of cheesy, why not get Dad a cheesecake – specifically a Huckleberry Burnt Cheesecake. This incredible baked cheesecake has a rich, nutty taste to it. It is a sophisticated take on desserts, with its grown-up feel. This Basque-Burnt Cheesecake is thick and dense, creating a mouthful of creamy goodness in every spoonful.

The Huckleberry Burnt Cheesecake is ideal for the dad who just want a quick, fuss-free dessert to cleanse his palate after a meal. Throw in a sparkling candle for that extra celebration and it’s a Father’s Day Party!



Salted Caramel Almond Mille Crepe

Layers and layers of love go into every bite of the Salted Caramel Almond Mille Crepe cake. This tempting delicacy is made from light Mille Crepe layers filled with vanilla pastry cream and topped off with a lavish salted caramel drizzle. Let’s not forget the crunchy almond slices hidden in every bite of this stellar Mille Crepe cake. Observe Dad’s smile after every bite – sure proof that this is one mouth-watering confection.

What we love about this cake is its light and bouncy texture. You won’t feel full even after a hearty dinner. Go ahead and have two slices! Order it from CakeRush and get it today!



Ondeh Ondeh Delight

Does Dad fancy some local flavours? Get him the Ondeh Ondeh Delight cake. With the iconic tastes of our favourite kuih, the Ondeh Ondeh Delight bursts with light coconut sprinkles and sweet, moist gula Melaka brown sugar and molasses. Fluffy, soft textures that bounce gently as you scoop it with your fork is an indication of the playful tastes that follow.

The Ondeh Ondeh Delight is not made for everyone, though. Some may find it too sweet, thanks to the layers of gula Melaka within the sponge pandan layers. If Dad is a sweet tooth, this is perfect! We recommend the one from Sweet Passion Premium Cakes.



Belgian Chocolate Vegan Cake

Let’s not forget one for the vegetarian or vegan dad. Enter the Belgian Chocolate Vegan Cake – the non-dairy version of smooth, dark, Belgian chocolate confectionery. This cake uses non-dairy cream, cocoa powder, digestive biscuits, coconut milk, and soybean essences – all organic ingredients – to create a healthy, tasty dessert for any occasion. Your dad will love the creamy texture and will thank you for it. CakeRush believes in premium, organic cakes as the top celebratory foods. Go ahead and try the range of vegan cakes below for Dad’s big day.


Which of these are your favourite? Or rather, which of these would be your dad’s favourite? Get him the best Father’s Day gift with a celebratory cake from CakeRush today.



Author: Joel Vijay

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