#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

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Cakes are better in a bundle!

We love birthdays thanks to the abundance of presents we receive. When gifts come in bundles, the joy we receive is multiplied. In the words of Taylor Swift, “two is better than one” – we have to agree with that. At CakeRush, our cake bundles are proof that more is better. While the deliciousness of a birthday cake brings a delight to our tastebuds, there are playful gifts that pair well with each cake, and we’ve curated some of the best. Have a go at the irresistible cake bundles and we guarantee you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Customise your cake bundle set

Not all cake bundles were created equal. In fact, the beauty of cake bundles is the sheer fun in customising each one. But what’s the recipe for an unforgettable cake bundle? Frankly, there’s no secret to a birthday care package – what you choose depends on the person and occasion its intended for. On that note, cake bundle sets are not just for birthdays, they’re great for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, and graduations. 

What goes in a cake bundle? Much like a combo deal you’ll choose at your favourite fast-food restaurant, you’ll want a main with a few sides. In this case, your main would be any one of our signature cakes chosen based on Malaysia’s favourite flavours. Think about the sides as the magical add-ons you may include into a care package. Start with the cake accessories – sparkly fireworks candles and a “happy birthday” cake topper. Next, it’s time to throw in a little pizzazz with balloons, premium chocolates, and soft plushies. A cold brew combination of black coffee and milk latte in fancy glass bottles completes the birthday ensemble. 

Get your cake bundles at CakeRush

Now that you know how to customise an extraordinary bundle for birthdays and more, it’s time to get yours at CakeRush. We’ve made it easy to place your orders because, as customers we dislike long waits and complicated procedures. You want a bundle set now, we’ve got it – just choose any from above. 

Here’s the best part: CakeRush brings your cake delivery to another level with delivery to all locations in Klang Valley, KL, and Penang. An online portal for all your sweet delicacies is right here for you. With a few clicks of a button, you’ll get your sweet treats enroute to your doorstep. Place your orders today!