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#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

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Nasi Lemak Cakes

Some genius combined two things Malaysians love; nasi lemak and cake and surprisingly came up with something revolutionary! Enter Nasi Lemak cake – the tiered savoury cake made of Malaysia’s favourite dish. You’ve asked and we’ve answered with our collection of nasi lemak cakes below.

Nasi Lemak Evolution from Breakfast Staple to Cake 

The recent years have seen a strange obsession with nasi lemak – nasi lemak burger, nasi lemak desserts, and now, nasi lemak cake. At CakeRush, we can’t resist our favourite rice dish as a cake. Fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk, smothered with thick, spicy sambal chili caramelised with onions and anchovies. All that with a playful side of half a boiled egg and salted peanuts as a garnish – ooh perfection! The variations of nasi lemak cakes come with sambalsotong (squid) or large prawns. 

Things to Keep in Mind When Ordering a Nasi Lemak Cake

Nasi lemak is best eaten fresh. The same goes with its cake. Perfect for a large lunch gather of 5 or more people, nasi lemak cake can be cut into sections for each person. You’ll need to cut it carefully as the layers of rice, egg, cucumber, and sambal can be mixed up and look messy. If you’re comfortable with mess, then no worries. However, if you want to set it up for a beautiful banquet, you’ll need to take extra care when serving up. 

Not everyone might want something spicy. So, when ordering a nasi lemak cake be sure to ask around the room if everyone is hungry for nasi lemak. As the cake is fairly large at 1.5kg, that’s a lot of nasi lemak to go around, so be sure you’re hungry. We recommend you order it for lunch. That way, any excess can be eaten for dinner. 

Order Nasi Lemak Cakes with Same-Day Delivery

Hungry yet? Go ahead and place your order for a scrumptious nasi lemak cake. Choose same-day delivery to get your cake by lunch time, ready to be gobbled up by the you and the gang. At CakeRush, we’re all about quality and service. We look forward to quenching your hunger with a delicious nasi lemak cake. Our cakes are available for delivery in KL and Klang Valley.