#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

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Have a Cheat Day with Cakes that are Less Sweet

If you’re anything like us, you probably feel guilty when you’ve walloped a huge slice of cake. But you try to console yourself saying it’s just a once-in-a-while cheat day. Now you can enjoy a treat without worry about the calories thanks to not-too-sweet cakes. We at CakeRush have selected cakes that are low on sugar and generally healthier to consume than our signature cakes but equally as delicious! Throw guilt away as you enjoy these delectable yummies of all flavours and tastes. 

Desserts Done Right

Fitness gurus and weight-conscious individuals will advise us to stay away from cakes and other desserts. However, there are some cakes that are safe to consume without counting the calories. We’ve compiled them into a list above. Don’t be fooled by the term “not too sweet” though, they’re as delicious as their sweeter counterparts. Some common low-sugar cakes include carrot cakes, tofu-based cake, lemon cake, and banana cakes. CakeRush aims to do desserts right with a series of less-sweet cakes. Some of our favourites include:

You can’t go wrong having these beautiful swirls of fruity, nutty, and dairy tastes with every bite. Some of these are low-carb cakes that allow you to eat to your heart’s delight. Share them with your partner or have it all to yourself – it’s your choice. Whether it is a low sugar birthday cake or you’re looking to snack one throughout the day, these cakes will keep your mouth happy and heart happy. 

Order Less-Sweet Cakes with Same-Day Delivery Today

Enough talk, it’s time to get your less-sweet cakes today. Place your order at CakeRush and enjoy same-day delivery for a wide variety of cakes above. They’re great for birthdays and celebrations like graduations, anniversaries, and Mother’s Day. CakeRush brings these delicious cakes delivered to all locations within Klang Valley, KL, and Penang so you can enjoy them to your heart’s delight.