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Red Velvet Cake

Product Description

If you have never tasted or heard of a “Red Velvet Cake” before, you are seriously missing out! Red velvet cake probably comes second behind a chocolate cake. This enticing red velvet cake is famed for its distinctive bright red to dark red colour, with a unique taste, served with cloudy cream cheese, that’s just perfect! It looks gorgeously vibrant, while the taste is even more impressive. Grab one from us today to experience the jaw-dropping and extraordinary taste on your own.



Beet Root Juice, Butter, Buttermilk, Cocoa Powder, Cream Cheese, Egg, Flour, Milk, Oil, Salt, Sugar



Baked in a facility that is exposed to allergens such as Dairy, Eggs, Nuts


Weight & Dimensions

Small - 0.5 - 5.1" x 4.7" x 1.9"

Medium - 1.0 kg - 6.7" x 6" x 1.9"

Large - 1.5 kg - 7.9" x 7" x 1.9"

* All ingredients used are 100% halal
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