#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

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8 Inch Cakes

As one of the larger sizes of cakes, 8-inch cakes are perfect for a bigger group celebration. Order now from the top-rated bakeries with delicious flavours from CakeRush. Get 8-inch cakes delivered within KL, Klang Valley, or Penang today.
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Malaysia’s Signature Flavours with 8-Inch Cakes

What’s a birthday without a delicious cake? In Malaysia, cakes are the centrepiece of any birthday celebration. We at CakeRush are all about cakes – 8-inch cakes. 8-inch cakes are a little larger than the standard cake size, making them perfect for a larger group during a birthday celebration. How many people can an 8-inch cake feed? Roughly 14 people. Choosing a cake flavour may not be an easy task as it depends on the birthday boy or girl’s preference. But don’t worry, we at CakeRush have what you need to make that decision. Take a look at our signature flavours comprised of Malaysia's favourites. We’ve compiled our customers’ preferred tastes from reviews of top-rated bakeries and cake makers for the past few years. This way, we provide the best cakes for everyone in Malaysia. Some of our favourites include an assortment of cheesecakes, ice cream cakes, mille crepe cakes, mousse cakes, and designer cakes that are visually irresistible. Now is the time to buy 8-inch cakes in Malaysia. We’ve made it easy and fun with our online cake order process. Go ahead and order a birthday cake today! 

Same-day Delivery on 8-inch Cakes in Malaysia

Sometimes, we want things fast. We may forget our friend’s birthday, but it’s not too late to get a birthday cake. We at CakeRush know the importance of having your cake ready for a sudden surprise. That’s why we offer same-day delivery on 8-inch cakes available. You’ll never forget a birthday cake again. To order same day delivery for cakes, just place your orders before 2PM daily and choose your time slot for delivery. We’ll send you a tracking number to monitor your cake delivery. Our delivery partners will get them to you within that allocated time frame. Ordering a cake online is easy. Simply make an account with CakeRush using your email address. Once created, login and start shopping. Add to cart and complete your payment using any one of the payment methods. CakeRush offers huge discounts on cakes in Malaysia. Order today for a wide variety of cake promos with delivery to KL, Klang Valley, and Penang.