#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

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JYU Pastry Art – Contemporary Cakes with A Great Taste

JYU Pastry Art is a studio and café in Kuala Lumpur that features beautiful, customised cakes with a interesting concepts behind their pastries and confection. Starting off with a little café, the space brings a homely feel with all the love of a cute little coffee shop. Aside from coffee selections, JYU Pastry Art’s cakes take you on a journey of sweet and caramelised flavours with smooth, rich textures. Not everyone can make it to their café. Thankfully, you can order JYU Pastry Art cakes online with CakeRush. Read more to know what they specialise in. 

Cake Pies and More

Have you ever heard of a Cake Pie? Well, now you have! JYU Pastry Art’s signature pastries come in the form of a large cream-filled cake shaped like a pie. You’ll get a wide variety of flavours with the signature cake pies. Some of the bestsellers range from Fresh Mango Pie, Chocolate Banana Cake Pie, Trio Cheese Cake Pie, Earl Grey Milk Tea Cake Pie, and Sweet Potato Cake Pie. You can’t go wrong with any of these. Simply a delight to your tastebuds, JYU Pastry Art Cake Pies are made with natural ingredients, the freshest fruit, and the smoothest chocolate. 

Aside from the tempting cake pies, JYU Pastry Art also makes an awesome line of designer cakes. These visually pleasing cakes are just beautiful to the taste! Each cake features flavours we love such as black forest, Belgian chocolate, and mango custard. You’ll love the dinosaur Dino Dino Cake, the Animal Planet cake, I Am Unicorn Cake, and Under The Sea Cake – all part of the designer cake series perfect for little children’s birthday parties.

A Customised Cake Delivery in Klang Valley

Here’s the best part – you can get customised cakes from JYU Pastry Art delivered to any location in Klang Valley. With CakeRush, you can place your order online and send JYU Pastry Art to your friends, family, or to yourself. Treat yourself to some sweet loving with a cake or cake pie today. CakeRush also offers same-day delivery for JYU Pastry Art cakes. Whether you’re planning a birthday party or just a quiet day in for some snacking, you can’t go wrong with JYU Pastry Art.