#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

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The Inside Scoop of Ice Cream

Milk and ice are perhaps one of the best dessert marriages of all times because they gave life to the tantalising ice cream that we all know and love today. Having a history that dates back all the way to Italy in the 1300s, ice cream was previously known as ‘milk ice’, a name that literally pointed to its ingredients. Take a peek beyond the 2000s and ice cream flavours boomed out of control, taking over the world by becoming a crowd favourite.

Not to be left out of the entire decadent journey is Malaysia’s very own homegrown ice cream brand Inside Scoop. The husband and wife duo who started the brand had their sights on the local premium ice cream scene and set out to create their very own “Inside Scoop best flavours” for Malaysians. They achieved this by sourcing high quality ingredients from all over the world and adding a local twist to create imitable natural flavours. The result of the hard work is a menu filled with ultra-creamy ice creams, unlike mass-produced ones.

Starting with a humble store in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur (KL) back in 2013 with a total of 16 tantalising flavours, Inside Scoop has now expanded its menu to include an even more decadent creation called the Inside Scoop cakes. The best part? These aren’t your run-of-the-mill cakes, they are ice cream cakes that are made to impress! Their selections include the Signature Ice Cream Cake, Rocher Ice Cream Cake, Rose Ice Cream Cake, Biscoff Ice Cream Cheesecake and Bombe Alaska Ice Cream cake. Just thinking of it has gotten us drooling already!

Get Inside Scoop straight to your doorstep

Have you ever been through one of those days where the hot tropical weather has you craving ice cream cake but at the same time, it is way too warm to be going outside to get some cool dessert? And even if you’ve decided to fight the heat, then comes the question of which area you should look around in Klang Valley to get the best chilled treat. That is a double whammy right before you even get to fulfil your cravings!

We understand your struggle completely because we’ve been there too! That is why we present CakeRush to you as the best solution to your hot troubles. Seeing the amazing ice cream cakes that were made by Inside Scoop, we decided to partner up with them and give Malaysians the one-stop dessert platform. On CakeRush, everyone can browse the menu, reviews and prices of all the luscious treats that Inside Scoop has to offer. Not only does this save you a whole load of time, but it also gives you the ability to seamlessly order ice cream cakes or ice cream from the comforts and coolness of your air-conditioned homes. Just close your eyes and imagine a Valrhona Chocolate and Vanilla Bean twin pack that is delivered right to your home. Now, that is the stuff of dreams.

Sweet tooth cravers will also be pleased to know that all the Inside Scoop ice cream cakes and ice cream that are offered on CakeRush are 100% Halal-certified. We take pride in sharing and delivering our tantalising desserts (ice cream cakes included!) to Malaysians from a myriad of different beliefs and ethnicities. That is why CakeRush ensures that all its amazing partners only use the highest quality ingredients.

Top-notch Inside Scoop delivery across Klang Valley

Everyone screams for ice cream cakes, and that motivates us to consistently strive to better serve you with every passing day. To do that, CakeRush has been working hard to expand its delivery coverage areas across the peninsular in hopes to spread the joy of Inside Scoop’s signature cakes and ice cream to eager Malaysian homes.

At the same time, unlike regular desserts, ice cream cakes are an extremely delicate creation that requires the utmost care during transport. You might have ordered Inside Scoop’s best-flavoured dessert, but it wouldn’t matter if your Valrhona Chocolate ice cream doesn’t arrive perfect, because no one likes melted ice cream! This is why we ensure our amazing partners take extra care in packaging your orders so that it arrives as intended.

Just like the icing on the cake, we also offer same-day delivery for all of Inside Scoop’s ice cream cake and ice cream. All you have to do is to ensure you place an order online on CakeRush by 3PM and our friendly delivery person will be right on your case, because when it comes to ice cream, sooner is definitely way better than later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Inside Scoop's central kitchen is a halal-compliant facility. Most of there ice cream and ice cream cakes are certified halal by JAKIM. They still have a few flavours and products that are pending Halal certification (but all there made using halal ingredients and made in a halal-compliant facility) and Inside Scoop expect all our products to be certified halal by year end.
Inside Scoop's best pints flavours are Durian, Valrhona Chocolate, Rocher & Hazelnut and in Ice Cream Cakes are Rocher, Signature, Biscoff.
Yes, we do offer same day delivery for the orders placed before 3 PM through out KLANG VALLEY