#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

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Cake Pops

The Best Cake Pop Delivery in KL

Cake Pops, the latest craze in the world of confection is here at CakeRush! Cake pops – short for popsicle cake – are delicious, bite sized cakes on popsicle sticks. These yummy snacks are perfect for keeping track of our sugar intake as they are made for individual servings. Cake pops are also sometimes called lollipop cakes as they come with a stick at the end. Just like traditional cakes, cake pops come in all kinds of flavours. The most popular ones are chocolate and butter cake varieties. At CakeRush, cake pops are some of our favourite delicacies to choose. Our customers love them for birthdays – especially kids’ birthdays and children’s events.  

Unicorn Cake Pops

Cake Pops are versatile in that you can create beautiful designs to suit any theme. The most trendy theme right now would have to be the unicorn cake pops. Unicorn cake pops feature a rainbow-coloured exterior of icing drizzled with a swirly, wavy designs and patterns. Some may even come with a unicorn face and horn – how cool is that?! Most unicorn cake pops come with a chocolate cake filling as everyone loves chocolate. You could also get strawberry, chocolate mousse cake, peanut butter, and red velvet.

Order Cake Pops in Klang Valley and KL

At CakeRush, our cake pops come in sets of 4 or more. These delectable sweets are great for parties, meet-ups with friends and family, or as creamy, sugary palate cleansers after a meal. Now you can get them with delivery to all locations within Klang Valley and KL. Just pick the cake pop that you like and add it to-cart. If you haven’t signed up for a CakeRush account, go ahead and do that using your social media login or email. Then continue shopping or checkout by keying in your delivery address and date of delivery. It’s too easy! Cake pops make for awesome surprises too! Send them to your loved ones during a birthday or anniversary for a quick gift.