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#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

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Share the Love with A Cheese Platter

Food is the heart and soul of every get-together in this beautiful country. Malaysians love sharing food and bonding over a meal. Cheese platters create a classy way to share a meal with closest friends and family. There’s just something special in sitting around an open charcuterie board filled with cheese, grapes, nuts, the finest deli meats, water crackers, olives, sundried tomatoes, hummus, and strawberries. There’s no limit to what we could add in a sharing platter. Let’s look at some delicious sharing platters with delivery to locations in KL and Klang Valley. 

Types of Sharing Platters

You may have heard of cheese platters, but there is an unexplored world of platter varieties made for the charcuterie connoisseur. Below are some irresistible variations of platters that combine beautiful tastes of sweet and savoury foods.  

Cheese platter – the most common type of platter. The finest sampling of Brie, Camembert, Cheddar, and Gouda laid on a cheese board are what you would commonly find on a cheese platter. The norm is to pair water crackers or salted pretzels with the cheeses. You could also add raisins and grapes. 

Fruit platter – taking fruit as a base for the sharing platter, a fruit platter unleashes the freshness of strawberries, grapes, cherry tomatoes, ripe figs, kiwi, gooseberries, and even olives. Fruit platters are a healthy treat to a teatime snack or a yummy post-meal activity. 

Breakfast platter – perfect for lazy mornings, a breakfast platter brings out the goodness of fresh foods ideal for the first meal of the day. Veggies, fruits, smoked halal chicken slices, garlic bread, whole almonds, and the like are jam packed with nutrients for that energetic start to the day. 

Chocolate platter – desserts galore with a chocolate platter! Let cheat day begin with everything from chocolate muffins to Kinder Bueno chocolate, marshmallows, Ferrero Rocher, Hershey’s chocolate, and assorted fruits. 

Order Your Cheese Platter Today!

It takes time to create your own DIY cheese platter. Skip the work and order your platters with CakeRush. We offer same-day delivery on cheese platters and more so you can satisfy your cravings within the day. Place your order and get it delivered to any location within Klang Valley, KL, and Selangor. Ordering a platter for a friend? Why not customise it? Add goodies such as balloons, a cake, flowers, or a plush toy for that unforgettable gift.