#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

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Green Tea Matcha Cake Delivery

Enjoy the Authentic Asian Flavour of Green Tea Matcha Cakes

The iconic Japanese green tea flavour is fast becoming a favourite in cakes, drinks, and desserts. Enter Green Tea Matcha – a much-loved taste from the land of the rising sun but now a staple all around the world. We’ve come to love the tart and mild sweetness of Matcha, particularly the organic green tea flavours found in cakes. Here at CakeRush, you’ll find a wide variety of Matcha green tea cakes to your delight. Each with its own signature twist, organic green tea cakes are lightly caffeinated for that added kick in your day. Read more to find out how you could get your Matcha cakes and green tea desserts with same-day delivery. 

Matcha Everything! 

Walk into any bakery and you’ll find a variety of green tea flavoured goodies. The more common of the cake varieties are matcha Swiss Roll cakes and matcha loaf breads. These are teatime and breakie favourites for us Malaysians. Their light sweetness and low sugar content make them perfect for us health-conscious individuals. Apart from loafs and Swiss Rolls, matcha cakes also are perfect for larger birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, Valentine’s Day celebrations, and the like. Matcha, on its own, is often a strong, overpowering flavour to have in a cake. However, paired with the right elements, it could offer an unforgettable cake experience. For example, when accompanied with chocolate, cheesecake, strawberry, or lemon, the tastes of matcha take on an interesting twist. Words can’t do justice to the savoury tastes of matcha mixed with hints of citrus, fruit, or even mint in a cake. 

Enough talk and more action. We know you’re hungry! Here are some of the best matcha cakes you can find at CakeRush:

Order Signature Matcha Cakes

Go ahead and place your order for Matcha cakes. Ordering online allows you to choose your delivery date and time for maximum convenience. What’s better, you can get your matcha cakes with same-day delivery. That’s right! Order today, get it today! Same-day delivery works best when you place your order early in the day. Place an order before the cut-off time of 3PM and you’ll be able to choose more time slots for delivery. Do not hesitate to contact us via our customer service email to customise your orders today.