#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

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Coffee Flavour Cakes

What's better than a warm, comforting cup of coffee? A deliciously sweet slice of coffee, of course! Choose from our range of delicious coffee and Tiramisu cakes to be delivered to you on the very same day.
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Iconic Coffee Cakes We Love

Tiramisu cake, mocha cake, espresso cake, Macchiato Mille crepe cake – just some of our favourite coffee-flavoured confections. These iconic caffeinated delicacies make us perk up with delight as their fragrance can be sensed a mile away. Thankfully, coffee isn’t just a drink, it is an iconic flavour to combine with any treat. The wonders of our beloved bitter, dark drink give us a world of delight when combined with the caramelised sweetness of cakes and puddings. Here at CakeRush, we are serious coffee lovers. We understand that we can’t have too many cups of coffee in a day. Hence, we can’t resist our coffee cakes. Read more to find out what coffee cakes are best and how to get your hands on one. 

The Best Coffee Cakes in Malaysia

Malaysia is home to a wide variety of coffee types – form Kopi Luak (civet coffee) to old-town styled coffee – a plethora of flavours to suit any coffee lover. As many as there are coffee types, there are coffee cakes. Whether you prefer the European tastes of Italian coffees or you’re more localised with a rich, dark Arabica roast, you’ll love our signature coffee cakes. Here are some tempting must-try coffee cakes:

Order Coffee Cakes with Same-Day Delivery 

You’ll find the perfect coffee cake here at CakeRush. Thanks to a wide array of coffee cakes from the best bakers in town, you’ll be treated to a spread of decadent cakes, pies, and pudding made with your desired coffee blends. Each with its own personality, our cakes satisfy your coffee cravings any time of the day. Better yet, you can enjoy same-day delivery on coffee cakes within Klang Valley, KL, and Penang (selected cakes). Place your orders for teatime or for birthdays and more and get your coffee cakes delivered to a location of your choice. Simple select the time slot available for delivery and you’ll get your cake sent to you within that window of time. Order coffee cakes today from CakeRush.