#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

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5 Inch Cakes

Fancy a cake that is small and cute? Enjoy adorable 5-inch bite-sized cakes that make the perfect birthday present or surprise gift. Get them with same-day delivery in KL, Klang Valley, and Penang today!

5-inch Cakes for Every Occasion

Who said that celebrations have to be big to be special? Don’t make the mistake of thinking that bigger means better - this doesn’t apply in every situation. With CakeRush, indulge in the little things that matter… yes, we’re talking about cakes! As the best online cake shop in Malaysia, it’s our mission to bring the top cakes from our local bakers to you! What kind of cakes, you ask? Well, only all kinds of every sort, of course! Worry not - all cakes matter to us! Even the itty bitty ones.


Small Cakes That Your Loved Ones Will Enjoy

Have you ever experienced the joys of bite-sized happiness? Now you can! CakeRush is showcasing the best small cakes that you, your family and friends will adore. Although small in size, these cakes are definitely not to be described as lackluster. Equally as tasty as any other cake, you will be blown away by how much effort is packed into only 5-inches of cake!

In this collection, you will find small cakes that are designed to impress. Intricately decorated down to the details that should not (but, do) matter, CakeRush’s 5 inch cakes are made with love to surprise your loved ones. It’s perfect for a small-sized party, so you know nothing will go to waste!


Cake Delivery to Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley and Penang

Thinking of sending something special to your favourite person? Or, maybe they had a bad day and you’d like to surprise them with their favourite cake. Whatever the reason is, CakeRush would love to do it with you! Head on over to our user-friendly website and make an order with us before 3PM to ensure that your cake is delivered on the same day. Please note that same-day cake delivery is applicable to only a few products.