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#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

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Tiramisu Cakes

The Perfect Pick-Me-Up with Tiramisu

Fancy a light dessert with a little coffee taste and creamy texture? Well, Tiramisu is your best option. Tiramisu is an Italian dessert made of creamy mascarpone cheese, ladies fingers biscuits, and espresso dipping. There are many versions to this iconic dessert with most claiming to be the most authentic in town. However, each baker has their own flair in making this beautiful, sweet delicacy come to life. CakeRush brings you a wide selection of Tiramisu options for you to try. We absolutely love some of these tiramisu cakes and you should get them too!

Tiramisu Done Right 

Good tiramisu will bring a life-changing experience. You’ll always say Yes to tiramisu once you’ve tried a premium version of the dessert. As each layer of creamy, sweet filling melts in your mouth, you are left wanting more. Although the original recipe requires the addition of an alcoholic liqueur, here at CakeRush, all our cakes are halal – so no alcohol added. Sweet, organic syrups and fruit juices are substitutes for the alcohol content and bring out the mild bitterness of the coffee. That said, you’ll want to know which are our favourite bakers from the collection above. No worries, we’ve got your back. Here are some of our best bakeries to collect your tiramisu from. 

If it’s your first time trying this epic flavour of dessert, then you should go for the original tiramisu that comes in little cups. Tiramisu cakes are great too as they accommodate larger groups and can be kept for longer periods of time. We recommend you consume the Tiramisu at latest one day after purchase. Tiramisu will be good up to 5 days after it is made. However, the best tastes are enjoyed the day after. 

Save Yourself the Trouble and Order Tiramisu from CakeRush Today!

Ready to get your hands on delicious, authentic tiramisu? You’ve come to the right place. Order tiramisu from CakeRush and we’ll send it over to you anywhere in KL, Klang Valley, and even Penang. You can even get same-day delivery for cakes within these locations. Save yourself the hassle of running outside in the crowded areas in search for your favourite dessert – just order online. Add your desired tiramisu to-cart from the above if you already have an account with us. If not, just create an account on CakeRush using your social media or email and start shopping. Have fun!