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Mini 4 Inch Cakes

Bite-sized Treats with 4-Inch Cakes for Birthdays and More

Are you craving a bite of cake but don’t want to order a full-sized one? Well, we have good news for you in the form of mini 4-inch cakes. These beautiful works of gastronomic goodness are perfect as birthday cakes, celebrating a milestone on your own, or for that quick treat to reward yourself. As you may have guessed, 4-inch cakes are much smaller than regular sized cakes. The lure of the 4-inch cake size is that they are perfect for sampling before getting a bigger size for a birthday or any other celebration. You can try any flavour with a friend or have the whole cake to yourself – no worries! 

Go ahead and browse the selection above or read more to find out how you could get the ideal 4-inch cake for that unforgettable experience.

Cakes of All Flavours

What’s your favourite cake flavour? We’ve got it! 4-inch cheesecakes, butter cakes, chocolate cakes, tiramisu, jelly cakes, ice cream cakes, and mille crepe cakes are all flavours you can enjoy in small sizes. You could even get more than one flavour just to try them all. These bespoke cake flavours are great for intimate moments with your significant other, celebrating a quiet birthday, or as a surprise for your best friend’s birthday. 

Your Favourite Bakers

We are creatures of habit. Most of us love ordering cakes from the same bakers over and over again. At CakeRush, we understand that you have a favourite. Hence, all your favourite bakeries are now available in all cake sizes. Here are some bakers you’ll love:

Take your pick from 4-inch cakes from bespoke cake makers in Malaysia and get your craving satisfied. What we absolutely love is that these cakes are delivered to our location of choice within the same day. 

Order 4 Inch Cakes Today

What’s the secret to small sized cakes? There’s no secret really. All you need to do is to choose the right flavour for the right person. In fact, sending a cake to a birthday girl or boy is easy. Simply create an account with CakeRush using your social or email login, browse the selection above and add the desired item to cart. When you’re ready, go ahead and complete your purchase with a payment using any one of the payment methods – E-Wallet or Credit Card or Debit Cards. Don’t forget to key in the address and location of the receiver. Also put in a note of love or a birthday wish if the cake is for a birthday. Most of our 4 inch cakes are available for delivery in KL, Klang Valley, Selangor, and some in Penang.

If 4 inch cakes are too small for you, you can choose 6 inch or larger cakes from CakeRush’s other collections. You’ll love the huge variety that comes with each size of cake. The largest variety comes from the 6 to 8-inch cake sizes. Most orders made are for cakes in that size range.