#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

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Rainbow Cakes

Colourful cakes inspired by nature’s most beautiful phenomenon, Rainbow cakes are as delicious as they are pretty. Order rainbow cakes and unicorn-themed cakes for birthdays and more with the selection below.

Have A Colourful Birthday with Rainbow Cakes

Colour, it is everywhere. Colours make everything beautiful. The most beautiful of things come in rainbow colours. The same can be said about Rainbow Cakes. Some of the most exquisite and stunning in looks, rainbow cakes bring a world of delight and excitement to any birthday party. At CakeRush, we know the secret to iconic rainbow cakes is not in the vivid colours but in their decadent flavours and that big smile they leave on your face.

Essentially, rainbow cakes are made with layers of sponge cake. Each layer is coated in a different colour (preferably one from the rainbow). This spectrum of colours is a sure treat to the eyes. Cut it open and you’re greeted with artistic confection. In some cakes, each colour corresponds with a signature flavour. For example, green is matcha, red is strawberry, blue is blueberry, and pink is bubblegum.

Flavours and colours are just part of the equation. What really attracts us to buy rainbow cakes is the combination of the two along with its texture. Rainbow cakes should be soft and moist. A cake knife should effortlessly glide down the centre of the cake during the cake-cutting ceremony. A moist rainbow cake is a must-have for any child’s birthday.

Order Rainbow Birthday Cakes with Delivery

Rainbow cakes are perfect for birthdays. Whether it’s a kid’s birthday party or your partner’s 30th birthday event, a rainbow cake is the best choice. Now, you can get your rainbow cakes for any celebration here at CakeRush. Order a rainbow cake with delivery to any location you choose by placing your order online. Our easy and fun process to select and purchase rainbow cakes lets you shop from the comfort of your mobile phone or laptop. And with multiple payment methods, you have the freedom to purchase using your rewards and discounts.

CakeRush brings same-day delivery on rainbow cakes within KL and Klang Valley area. All you have to do is order before the cut-off time of 1PM to select any time slot for delivery on the same day. There you go! Go ahead and order rainbow cakes today!