#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

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Custom Cakes with Exciting Creative Designs Made for You

The world of cakes just got a whole lot better! Introducing Custom Cakes – CakeRush’s latest favourite flavours and creative confectioneries. Colourful, artistic, spontaneous, these cake designs have personalities of their own. From movie-themed cakes to pop-culture references and cakes designed in children’s favourite toys, our custom cakes are made to wow. 

Celebrate awesome birthdays and milestones of your kids with vivid and artistic customised cakes listed. Some of the favourites are Spiderman cake and Frozen cake for the birthday girl (which we have!). They are great for surprises too! Go ahead and surprise a friend or loved one with these beautiful designs. Our cakes are available for delivery around Klang Valley and Kuala Lumpur 

What’s Your Favourite Custom Cake Flavour?

The beauty of cakes is that they come in all our favourite flavours. From chocolate cakes to vanilla and butterscotch, cakes are a palate for a variety of sweet, salty, and unique tastes. Whether you eat them as desserts, as a celebratory meal, or simply as snacks, cakes are memorable food we fall in love with. The same can be said about our custom cakes. CakeRush’s collection of custom cakes has signature flavours of chocolate, hazelnut, vanilla, buttercream, red velvet, and more. Add to that the caramelised topping of your sugary fondant, cream, cheese, and lemony goodness, and you’ll have a dessert like no other! 

Whether it is a cake for your birthday boy or your little princess, we have flavours and themes for every birthday. Choose a smash cake for your 1-year-old child or a chocolate cake for a 5th birthday celebration - it’s up to you. Customised cakes are perfect for adults too! celebrate a momentous 60th birthday or 50th retirement event with a special sweet cake.

Deliver Custom Cakes for Celebrations

You don’t have to wait too long for these awesome cake designs to come your way. Today, with CakeRush delivery all over Malaysia, you can get sweets sent to your location of choice. Whether it’s a birthday venue, an office celebration, or a wedding event, we ensure your custom cakes arrive safely and on time. Thanks to our efficient delivery partners, we can bring the freshest cakes right to your doorstep. Each cake is packaged and sealed for maximum freshness during transit from the supplier to you. 

Premium Cake Bakeries in Malaysia

Rest assured; we don’t bake our own cakes. We source them from Malaysia’s premium cake makers. We absolutely love our local cake connoisseurs who specialise in creating works of art in both designs and tastes. You would have heard of Sweet Passion, KOBO Bakery, The Buttercake Factory, and Kindori Moments if you are crazy about cakes. Other abstract and delicious confectionery come from cake makers such as:

Order Customised Cakes Online in KL, PJ, Penang!

CakeRush brings extravagant designs in your favourite flavours today. With a simple online order process, you can have your cakes on the way to your location in no time! Ordering online is as simple as A-B-C. Let us walk you through the easy steps to get your incredible customized cake delivery in KL, PJ or Penang. 

All you have to do is create an account with CakeRush. To do that, simply use your email, Gmail, or Facebook login to sign up. Once you’re connected, go ahead and browse the huge selection of cakes. Don’t limit yourself to Custom Cakes collection. Check out the signature cakes or shop by cake flavours, bakeries, or delivery times to suit your preference. 

Once you’ve selected your desired cake you can choose your delivery date. Some cakes need time to be prepared. Adjust your delivery date to suit your cake choice if possible. Next, choose the delivery time slot to ensure you are available when the package is sent. Write a sweet message for your loved one or friend to be included with the cake. There are a few pre-set message templates to choose if you can’t think of the right words. Finally, complete your purchase at the checkout page after adding-to-cart. For payment, feel free to use your credit card, e-payment, FPX transfers, or Apple Pay for a quick transaction. Now you’re ready to receive your cake delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do! Just place your order on CakeRush before 3PM (Mon-Fri) and we will have it delivered the same day.
We have four delivery slots throughout the day: a) 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM b) 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM c) 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM d) 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Yes! All our bakers use local or imported, halal certified ingredients for their creations. We also have cakes that are completely halal certified and come with the stamp on the box. You can check them out here.