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History of the red velvet cake

Dating back all the way to the Victorian era, the striking yet delicious red velvet cake has definitely survived the test of time and even thrived in modern days. Contrary to popular belief, the colour of this dessert didn’t actually start off as the famous vibrant red, but rather a reddish-brown. These creations were known as the luxurious ‘velvet cakes’, a decadent dessert that had a finer and smoother texture than other cakes of the time.

When the red velvet cake finally emerged after some experimenting, it was immediately elevated to the area of luxurious cakes due to its design and bright red colour. You will only ever see extravagant versions of this dessert like happy birthday red velvet cakes, red velvet wedding cake, etc. In other words, it is safe to say that you must be pretty special to be on the receiving end of these red velvet cakes in the earlier days.

Fast forward to modern days and red velvet cakes are now more easily available across various bakeries near you. Often made with cocoa powder, cream cheese and buttermilk, these luscious desserts now come in a myriad of cool new flavours and designs including red velvet cupcakes, southern red velvet cake and Nutella red velvet cake. The best part? Each design is even given its own unique decoration — making the ‘wow’ factor that much more prominent.

Finding the best red velvet cakes for Birthday, Anniversary

Though we agree that most red velvet cakes are really yummy, not all desserts are created equal. The skills and techniques that a baker uses can greatly alter the flavours and colours of each creation. That is why we recruited the finest red velvet cake artisans to join our growing list of partners and showcase their supreme menus on one platform. This makes it easier for you to browse through a variety of decadent red velvet cakes.

Not only do you save time by combing through all the best red velvet cake bakeries from the comfort of home, but you will also get a good idea of how your selection would look and taste thanks to the dessert’s detailed description and customer reviews — giving you the confidence to purchase it at a moment’s notice. No matter if you’re looking for a happy birthday red velvet cake or a red velvet wedding cake, it will still feel like you are physically buying it at the store. Not only that, CakeRush also offers a wide variety of other desserts as well including ice cream cakes, Macarons, cupcakes, tarts and much more!

To top it off, all of CakeRush’s offerings only use 100% Halal-certified ingredients, making our red velvet cakes a unique treat that can be enjoyed by all the different ethnicities that exist in Malaysia. After all, we Malaysians are big on food, so it is only natural that our desserts are designed to be shared by everyone.

If you are gifting a luscious red velvet cake, be sure to put in the extra effort to personalise the dessert with the range of optional add-ons that we offer. Choose from message balloons, designer toppers, Ferrero Rochers, firework candles and cute plushies. These additional touches will definitely make you shine amongst the rest if that is your thing.

Red velvet cake delivery in Klang Valley and Penang

We believe in delivering smiles and sharing desserts across the peninsular, which is why our team is hard at work every day to expand our delivery coverage area. As our influence slowly grows across each town and city, you can be sure that we will be recruiting more passionate bakers and efficient delivery merchants to join our amazing family — offering you more supreme dessert flavours while at the same time making each and every order seamless.

Besides that, when it comes to desserts, soon is always better than later. That is why we also have a sweet offering called same-day red velvet cake delivery across Klang Valley and Penang. All you need to do is ensure that you make your purchase online on CakeRush before 3PM. Once the order transaction is complete, rain or shine, you can bet our professional and efficient delivery merchant will be there on time.