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1st Birthday Cakes

1st Birthday Cake for A Girl

How precious is a little baby girl? When she turns one, the whole world revolves around her. That special birthday is to mark her special presence in our lives for an entire year. Here in Malaysia, a baby girl’s first birthday cake (and party) must be extra special. What makes a first birthday cake for a girl special? We might just have the answer with our selection of themed cakes below:

A baby girl’s first birthday cake is a transition into the life of a toddler – that every parent is waiting for. This is age where she’ll start walking, talking, and interacting the most with her parents, siblings, cousins, and friends. Make the most of this joyous time with a big 1st birthday bash. Not sure what to get? Check out our blog on the best 1st Birthday Cake Ideas.


First Birthday Cake for A Boy

He enters into this new year of life with aspirations of science, space, robots, sports, cars, and dinosaurs – that is the world of a 1-year-old baby boy. A celebration for his first birthday requires a very special cake. A first birthday cake for a baby boy is one where we can all enjoy together while keeping the excitement going. Some of the best ideas for first birthday cakes for a boy are dinosaur cakes, Mickey Mouse cake, and a Marvel Superhero themed cake. Go ahead and order your cakes from CakeRush today.


First Birthday Smash Cake

The trend today in Malaysia is to have a signature smash cake for a first birthday. A smash cake is literally what it sounds like – a cake to be smashed. 1st birthday smash cakes are usually made from whipped cream or some baby-friendly ingredients so the toddler can eat some. The toddler is placed in front of the cake and coerced to smash the cake with his or her hands. This spectacle is witnessed by all who are at the birthday party.


Same-Day Delivery on First Birthday Cakes

CakeRush offers same-day delivery on first birthday cakes when you place your order before the cut-off time daily. Be sure to order the cake early in the day so that you have more time slots for delivery. Same-day delivery is available nationwide for first birthday cakes, so go ahead and order them today!