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July 18, 2022 4 min read

Rewind the clocks back 20 years ago and birthdays for 1-year-olds were celebrated the traditional way – with cake and the Happy Birthday song. These days, creative birthday party ideas are in the thousands. Just browse Pinterest and the ideas come flooding in. Every child’s parents rush to outperform their peers in organising exciting, fun, and sometimes unusual 1st birthday celebrations. Thankfully, there’s one element of each birthday that is consistent – CAKE.

We at CakeRush Malaysia are proud to bring you the best ideas for your child’s 1st birthday cake.


1 year old birthday


Planning a 1st birthday party is no easy feat. Hence, we’ve added some pointers to make that day a smooth, unforgettable birthday for the whole family.


1st Birthday Smash Cake

Coming in at Numero Uno, the Smash Cake. A smash cake, as the name says, is a cake made solely for smashing. Let your toddler loose to have-a-go at that delicious looking confection.


1 year birthday smash cake


Are smash cakes appropriate for babies? Of course! Baby-friendly smash cakes are typically made out of whipped cream or using organic ingredients and natural vanilla flavouring. For most 1-year birthday parties, the toddler is placed in front of the cake and coerced to dip his or her hands into the cream and make a big mess. Some parents believe that this activity encourages creativity and play.

Here's a smash cake you could try:


smash cupcake 1 year



Unicorn 1st Birthday Cake                                                        

Unicorn cakes are the biggest trends these days. Much like rainbow cakes, unicorn cakes are colourful additions to any birthday atmosphere. Unicorn cakes come in all types of flavours – chocolate, classic butter cake, red velvet, and even black forest. However, what matters is the vivid shades of pink, white, aqua, yellow, and silver on the Unicorn.


unicorn first birthday cakes


Some Unicorn cakes are literally shaped as a 3-D horse! Their picturesque features make them perfect Insta-worthy confections. Complete a magical birthday with a Unicorn cake and bring out your daughter’s creative side.

Looking for a Unicorn cake? Why not try this one:


heavenly unicorn first birthday cake



1st Birthday Cake for a Baby Boy

So, your little boy is turning 1 year old soon. What birthday cake do you get for his big birthday bash? As far first birthday cake ideas for boys go, we tend to think about cars, trucks, and dinosaurs for cake themes. Somehow, most boys love any one of these cake ideas.


first birthday cake boy


Pop culture cakes are also a favourite among kids. Introduce them to Marvel superheroes with a Spiderman or Iron Man Cake. The Mickey Mouse cake is also a fan favourite.


mickey mouse cake



Boys also love robots. A Transformers themed cake would be an awesome centrepiece to a baby boy’s 1st birthday bash. Although he won’t remember his first birthday cake, your boy will have loads of photos to show how much love he received on his special day.

Don’t forget to add your boy’s name on his very 1st birthday cake.



1st Birthday Cake for A Girl

How precious is a little baby girl turning 1 year old? That unforgettable age where they waddle along, learning how to walk.


first birthday cake for girl


Cakes for 1-year-old baby girls are most common in the themes of princess – with Disney’s Frozen being a popular favourite. Princess-themed cakes are usually in hues of pink, white, and blue.

When choosing a cake, go big! Choose a unique double tier cake for a girl’s 1st birthday party. The higher the cake, the more room for decorations and beautifying. Another favourite theme for a baby girl’s first birthday is the flower theme. Flowers are great for cakes as they come in a plethora of colours. Match your flowers with your child’s favourite colours or a shade that you love and set the theme for guests’ attire on that special day.


1st birthday cupcakes


Besides tiered cakes, cupcakes make the perfect bite-sized options for a baby girl’s birthday. Mix and match an assortment of flavours of cupcakes so everyone can enjoy them. For smaller guests (kids), choose mini cupcakes with similar flavours.


1 year old baby birthday cupcake


Be sure to check with your guests on dietary requirements before ordering a set of cupcakes. Many toddlers have allergies to nuts, dairy, and gluten at an early age, so it’s best to choose cakes sans allergens for the little ones.


1st birthday cakes girl



Choosing a Budget for a 1st Birthday Cake

We can talk all day about what cakes to get for a baby’s first birthday, but your decision ultimately boils down to how much you want to spend. We recommend that your baby’s first birthday cake price should not be more than RM200. If you’re planning on getting a smash cake for the birthday boy or girl, get another cake for consumption so your guests aren’t left with mouths watering.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse CakeRush’s selection of birthday cakes or shop for 1st birthday cakes in Malaysia below.

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