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March 09, 2021 6 min read

Theoretically, there are 16 types of people in the world - all based on their MBTI! MBTI or Myers Briggs Type Indicator, is an indicator that determines the 16 types of personalities that exist in this world. Based on habits, feelings, actions, inclinations and behaviours - people are determined to be either one type or the other.

While completely basing someone off of their MBTI type may not be a hundred percent accurate, since we as human beings are complex and layered individuals - there definitely lies some credit in characterizing people based on certain psychological and behavioural factors.

One undeniable fact of life stands true though, no matter what MBTI type you may be - everybody loves cake! Whatever your age, race, gender or MBTI type may be, we’re sure that you’ve relished a slice of delicious cake at least at one point in your life. But, if there are so many sorts of people in the world - there must be the perfect cake for each type, of course! So, that’s what we’re here to share with you - our take on the perfect cake for each MBTI type:

 ISTJ: Vanilla Dream Cake

Vanilla Dream Cake - CakeRush

ISTJs are known to be practical, dependable, and realistic. They like to keep things simple - which is exactly how they achieve great heights in life. After all, if something isn’t broken, why fix it? Just like the classic Vanilla Cake - ISTJs are the people you can count on to truly set the foundation for anything! Without any of the extra additions or frills - they keep things running smooth and super sweet. 

ESTJ: The Triple C

The Triple C - CakeRush

Confident, responsible and take-charge - ESTJs are the ones you go to, to bring together people and create the perfect team dynamic. What better way to encapsulate these reliable people than coffee, carrot and cheese - all put together in a delicious cake! It’s every ingredient put together for the perfect cake for just about anyone - just like ESTJ!

ISTP: Heavenly Black & White Cake

Heavenly Black and White Cake - CakeRush

Rational, yet curious. Driven, yet fun - ISTPs are a package of the best of both worlds, in every possible way! They know just how to get to the root of any problem, and truly enjoy the adventure of the unknown rather than sticking to the rules! So, when you’re looking for the perfect cake for an ESTP - our Heavenly Black And White Cake, that blends together dark chocolate ganache and whipped cream in between a decadent chocolate mud cake is the way to go! 

ESTP: Summer Hummingbird Cake

Summer Hummingbird Cake - CakeRush

Fun-loving, energetic and always on the go - ESTPs are some of the most lively individuals you will ever come across! With a flair for bringing the fun wherever they go, ESTPs feel like the perfect summer - personified. So, what better than our Summer Hummingbird Cake - banana, pineapple, pecan, and vanilla cream cheese frosting - the perfect way to add a zing of fun to their day, just like they do to ours!

ISFJ: Chocolatey Burnt Cheesecake

Chocolatey Burnt Cheesecake - CakeRush

Calm, composed, and incredibly caring - ISFJs are known to be some of the most comforting and nurturing people. Don’t let their soft heart fool you though, they know exactly how to take charge and solve any situation or hurdle put in front of them!  Chocolate, burnt sugar, and cream cheese - the perfect medley of comforting, yet strong makes for our Chocolatey Burnt Cheesecake - just like the enigmatic ISFJ. 

ESFJ: Stacked Brownies

Stacked Brownies (36 Pieces) - CakeRush

Need to host the perfect party? Find yourself an ESFJ! Bubbly, warm and caring - ESFJs are the ultimate people’s person; they know exactly how to set the mood and make everyone feel welcome. What better sweet treat to encapsulate the easy-going ESFJ than an irresistible tower of rich chocolatey brownies - and with more than enough sweetness for everyone to share, we’re sure the ESFJ would truly appreciate our Stacked Brownie Tower at their next social gathering.

ISFP: Over The Rainbow Cake

Over The Rainbow Cake - CakeRush

ISFPs are some of the kindest, most creative souls you will ever come across! They find beauty in even the simplest things, and even people in life. Being around an ISFP is sure to make you appreciate all the colour and beauty that life holds! So of course, we had to pick one of the loveliest cakes for these lovable people - our Over The Rainbow Cake, with pastel hues, warm vanilla and tart strawberry mousseline is the way to go for an ISFP. We’re sure they’ll fall in love with this sweet treat.

ESFP: Mini Brownies Tower Cake

Mini Brownies Tower Cake - CakeRush

Rightfully named the Entertainers of the 16 types - ESFPs have big personalities, and bring the party wherever they go! Flamboyant, fun and full of big dreams and ideas - these individuals enjoy being in the spotlight just as much as we love seeing them owning it! What better than a crown of brownies, resting upon a delicious cake - all decorated with fabulous sprinkles and a caramel drizzle! Our Mini Brownies Tower, just like ESFPs isn’t simply extra - but rather, extra amazing!

INFJ: Marble Matcha Cheesecake

Marble Matcha Cheese Cake - CakeRush

Intuitive, Intelligent, and highly gifted - INFJs have the ability to truly create magic out of their words and work! They seek connection and are incredibly altruistic to the people around them and society at a large. While they may seem reserved and cold at first, the more they unravel - the more you learn and feel connected to them. A sublime swirl of Matcha and Cheese makes for the perfect treat for them - just the right amount of sweet, earthy and warm notes to keep you coming back for more - just like INFJs!

ENFJ: Nutella Red Velvet Cake

Nutella Red Velvet Cake - CakeRush

ENFJs are charismatic, introspective, and wonderfully positive - some of the sweetest people you will ever meet! Don’t mistake them for mere people-pleasers though, these individuals are incredibly layered and make for some of the best mentors. They understand how to stray away from the norm and set new standards for excellence. Our Nutella Red Velvet Cake - with layers of chocolate and hazelnut filled deliciousness, and a kick of tart cream cheese and red velvet is the perfect way to your ENFJ’s heart.

INFP: Lemon Poppyseed Cake

Lemon Poppyseed Cake - CakeRush

Like a puzzle that unravels to reveal a breath-taking bigger picture - INFPs are truly enigmatic individuals. Free-spirited and yet, highly sensitive to the needs of others, INFPs are called the mediators of the 16 types. They hold a child-like sense of idealism for the world around them and do their best to spread positivity everywhere they go - no matter how turbulent they may feel on the inside (which they do in fact, feel a lot of). Our whimsical Lemon Poppyseed cake - with earthy roses, poppyseed and citron with a touch of warm vanilla is the perfect way to encapsulate the lovely INFP.

ENFP: Sprinkles Fun Cake

Sprinkles Fun - CakeRush

If sunshine were a person, it would be an ENFP! With sprinkles of happiness in their step, and an aura of positivity that they carry wherever they go - ENFPs hold the power to energize others and invoke the very enthusiasm that they hold within themselves, in others. The perfect cake for a bubbly ENFP would of course, be just as cheery as them! Our Sprinkles Fun Cake - made with everyone’s favourite moist chocolate cake, and a generous addition of rainbow sprinkles is sure to brighten up an ENFP’s day!

INTJ: Gula Melaka Chocolate Fudge Cake

Gula Melaka Chocolate Fudge Cake - CakeRush

While at first glance an INTJ may seem a little intimidating, these individuals are incredibly unique, understanding and creative! They like straying away from the norm - to truly make an impact with something that others may have never imagined! So, what better way to win the heart of an INTJ than a truly unique concoction of Gula Melaka and Chocolate Fudge - wonderfully delicious, and oh-so unique! INTJ would definitely appreciate the individuality that went into this sweet treat, not to mention how delightfully delicious it is!

ENTJ: Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake - CakeRush

Got a job to get done? Talk to an ENTJ! They’re efficient, driven and incredibly intuitive. They look at even the simplest things in life - and know just how to elevate them beyond anyone’s wildest imagination! The perfect way to put a smile on an ENTJ’s face is an aromatic coffee-infused ice cream cake - classic with a twist of individuality and wonderfully delicious. Not to mention, they’d appreciate a kick of coffee considering how much of a workaholic your ENTJ could be.

INTP: Hazelnut Chocolate Mille Crepe

Hazelnut Chocolate Mille Crepe - CakeRush

The logical of the 16 types - INTPs are incredibly layered individuals that have a knack for dissecting the smallest intricacies of life. Contemplative, precise, and incredibly curious - INTPs are true innovators, they could find the answer to even the most critical questions of the universe. What better way to peak their curiosity than an out-of-the-box layered Hazelnut Chocolate Mille Crepe Cake - with layers upon layers of decadent chocolate, hazelnut and rich crepes.

ENTP: Black & Bold Cake

Black & Bold Cake - CakeRush

Similar to their introverted counterparts, ENTPs are incredibly creative and inquisitive - known to be the Inventors of the 16 types. They see possibilities everywhere they go, and do their best to bring out the best in the people around them. The perfect bold and beautiful sweet treat for these inventive individuals is our Black & Bold Cake - with a rustic matte black base with accents of sugar jewels and glimmering gold; the perfect way to make a statement!

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