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#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

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Lemon Cake Delivery | Citrus Lime Cakes

Deliciously sweet cakes - made even better with a touch of zesty citrus, lime and lemon. Get your hands on some of the city's best lemon cakes, cupcakes and more - only on CakeRush!
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Tangy Goodness with Lemon Cakes

A burst of citrusy goodness makes your mouth water with every bite of our lemon cakes. Each swirl of delicious, moist mouthful of tangy satisfaction is proof that lemon cakes are the perfect treats. Ideal for birthdays, graduation parties, anniversaries, or just a teatime indulgence, a lemon cake is made to pique your curiosity with signature tastes. Here at CakeRush, our lemon cakes come in a myriad of designs including some of the most famous cakes in Malaysia. Let’s look at our favourite lemon cakes and why they are simply decadent for any occasion. 

What Makes a Lemon Cake?

We can’t tell you how much we love lemon cakes. But what exactly makes a lemon cake irresistible? We’re here to explain the beauty of a lemon cake and why you should always choose them as the best dessert. 

Imagine this; a cake in front of you, a fork in your hand. You gently cut a corner off the cake and little crumbles off your fork. Each second goes by and you smell the sourish lemon zest from the freshly cut piece as your mouth waters. As the cake melts in your mouth, images of melting butter, sugar, and squeezes of lemon juice mix together in your mind. Your craving has just begun. 

That is what a lemon cake is all about – exciting your senses. 

The beauty of lemon cakes is the subtlety of that citrus flavour creeping in with every bite. Light hints of lime or orange will do the trick too. Whether it is from the cake or hidden in the flavours of cream cheese frosting, each lemon cake is made to entice you. 

Order Lemon Cakes in Klang Valley

Stop dreaming about that lush flavour and get a lemon cake for yourself today. With CakeRush, you can order lemon cakes and deliver them anywhere in KL, Klang Valley, and Penang too. Our order process is easy. You can order lemon cakes with same-day delivery to any of our abovementioned locations. All you have to do is create an account with us and start shopping. You’ll also enjoy same-day delivery on selected items during promotions. Go ahead and get your lemon cakes today.