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December 05, 2022 7 min read

New Year Celebration 2023


What a ride this year has been - and it’s finally time to bid adieu to 2022. Through the good, the bad and the crazy - 2022 has taught us a whole lot, especially about being responsible and safe about our health - not just for ourselves, but for our friends and loved ones too. So, as a wrap to another wonderful year, we’re raising our glasses to a brand new chapter - and we’re ready to wrap it up in the best way possible. New Year’s Eve is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful celebrations of the year, but deciding on where to celebrate can be a tough one. Well, we’ve got the quintessential NYE celebration list ready for you - so you can unwind and revel in the festivities without any of the stress! Here are our Top 5 picks for New Year's Eve in Malaysia, to roll out 2023 with fun, frolic and fabulous festivities:


Beach-side Bash


What better way to wrap up the year than with the sound of waves, sand underneath your toes, and the beachside breeze, surrounded by loved ones? Take your end-of-year celebrations all the way to Langkawi, or a beach near you - revel in the magic of the nature that surrounds you, and the warmth of your friends and family. Maybe even plan a little picnic with melodies to spark up the mood, delicious food, and some sweet treats to end the year on a sweet note. After all, what could be more mystifying than star-gazing and watching 2022 fade away with fireworks that light up the skies, as the soft bustle of the sea sings goodbye?


Rooftop Rendezvous


A classic New Year’s Dinner in the sky with your loved ones can never go wrong, especially with the gorgeous skylines we’re blessed with in Malaysia; make an early reservation at your favourite joining - Troika, Marini’s, Roofino, W Hotel, or anywhere your heart desires! Maybe even try someplace new. Definitely get in early and catch that last sunset of 2022, and watch the skies fade to star-spangled wonders as fireworks that light up the night. Wherever you decide to celebrate, you’re sure to have an unforgettable night under the stars. This one’s definitely a must-do, at least once in a lifetime - New Year’s Eve under the skies.


Adventures Around Town


Sometimes you simply can’t, or don’t want to decide - with all the gems all across town, why just choose one? Gather up your best friends and plan a night around town - start early and explore! Dinner, drinks, KLCC Park, Icecreams - everything your heart desires. Immerse yourself in the bustle of the city, as liveliness and celebration fill the air and end the night together with something sweet! Definite must-visits for NYE 2022 on our list are Bukit Bintang, Merdeka Square, and Pasar Seni - with all the trendiest restaurants in town that you and your gang can explore.


Shop Till You Drop


Start the year off with a treat to yourself and visit some of the most happening malls for New Year’s Eve! Shop, eat and celebrate at The Curve - with live music, street shopping and a gorgeous fireworks display. Or perhaps head over to KLCC and indulge in a fine dining experience, shop till you drop with their array of brands, and end the night at the enchanting KLCC park with a water fountain show and fireworks to end the night, Even if you’re in the mood for something a little more casual, the options are endless! Midvalley, Sunway, Empire Shopping Gallery - anywhere really! What we’re sure of is every mall is going to be just as happening, full of bustling crowds and celebratory spirits - so there’s no need to plan an entire night around town to revel in the New Year spirit. Don’t forget the Sales though - you’re sure to bag yourself some amazing discounts at all your favourite stores, so treat yourself as self-love filled start to 2023.


Cozy Celebrations At Home


Let’s be honest - not everyone wants to hit the town, after all - home is where the heart is! So plan a quaint little celebration - with family, friends, fur friends, your sweetheart or even just yourself. Order in or cook your favourite foods (pizza is a must-have!), put on a feel-good movie or pumped up music, order in a delicious New Year’s cake, and maybe even dress up and get those Insta worthy pics! Whether you’re in the mood for a zealous celebration, or something cozy and quaint - do it at home, surrounded by everything and everyone you love. End the year sharing memories and laughter with your favourite people and even plan a fun little sleepover (they aren't just for kids)! Whatever the case - you know New Year’s at home is as perfect as it gets - because you get to plan it just the way you like. Plus, you get to stay safe and healthy - away from large crowds so you can celebrate the beckoning of worry-free.


2023 Firework Countdowns 


BONUS: Catch A New Year's Countdown & Fireworks 2023 At KLCC

Been dreaming of catching that New Year's ball drop in NYC all your life? Well, Kuala Lumpur is no less (hey, we even have Time's Square). Catch a glimpse of the sky near KLCC to catch Petronas' annual iconic New Year's eve countdown to shout out to! Even if you're in another part of town, there's plenty of hotels and sky bars that count down to the New Year - after all, it's definitely one of the best parts of the night. 


Dishes For New Years' Eve


There is more to New Year's Eve than spending money you don't have in costly pubs. The alternatives are wonderful, but sometimes the most enjoyable and celebratory activity is a well-planned dinner gathering.

A nice dinner with loved ones is the perfect way to ring in the year 2023. The final supper of the outgoing year ought to be a spectacular one.

From simple yet elegant pasta to rich beef entrees, refined seafood mains, and classic chicken dishes, you'll find a wide variety of tempting New Year's Eve menu ideas here. We've got meals that can feed a crowd in a flash, as well as meals that can be made in advance and baked on the night of your party.

Sauteed Scallops & Shrimp Pasta


As the old year comes to a close and the new one begins, New Year's Eve is a time for celebration. Creating a one-of-a-kind dish, like scallop and shrimp pasta in a spicy tomato sauce, can help set the mood for a joyous occasion. There are many seafood eaters, and shrimp and scallops are two of the most popular options. The combination of scallops, shrimp, and pasta in a sautéed meal is a crowd-pleasing favourite. For a fancy party such as New Year's Eve, consider preparing this dish, as scallops and shrimp are generally seen as more sophisticated than others. 

Black-Eyed Pea Masala With Kale


For good fortune and financial success in the new year, black-eyed peas are a popular New Year's Day dish in several countries and cultures. Including this tradition in your New Year's Eve party can be as simple as preparing a dish like black-eyed pea masala with greens. The combination of black-eyed peas and kale in a fragrant and savoury masala is sure to please a wide variety of palates. A vegan or vegetarian dish, black-eyed pea masala with kale is a great option for accommodating your guests' dietary restrictions.

Beef Wellington Fried Wontons


It's no secret that the flavorful combination of tender beef and savoury mushroom duxelles is what makes Beef Wellington such a popular and time-honoured recipe. By encasing the filling for Beef Wellington in wonton wrappers and frying them, you can give the dish a crispy and crunchy texture that is likely to please a wide variety of diners. Beef Wellington is a time-consuming and intricate recipe to prepare, but Beef Wellington fried wontons are straightforward to make, especially if you buy pre-made wonton wrappers. If you're having a lot of people over or simply want to spend less time preparing food and more time celebrating, this may be a good option.

Chicken Curry With Mushroom


Most people will like the depth of flavour and pleasing texture in this meal of chicken curry with mushrooms. Tender chicken and mushrooms are tossed in a curry sauce that's both spicy and fragrant, making for a delicious and filling main dish - an excellent dish for a New Year's Eve party that can be readily replicated to feed a large crowd. 

Tamarind Fish  Asam Pedas


On New Year's Eve, people throughout the world gather to party and usher in the new year. The preparation of a one-of-a-kind meal, such as tamarind fishasam pedas, can elevate the party's overall feel. Theasam pedas with tamarind fish is a tasty and filling dish that is sure to be appreciated by a broad audience. Tangy tamarind sauce, spicy and aromatic spices, and delicate fish come together to make a delicious and filling dinner to usher in the new year


Whatever you’re in the mood to do this New Year’s Eve, something sweet is essential. Start off 2023 on the sweetest note possible with our array of decadent celebration-worthy New Year’s cakes; place your order and leave the rest to us - we’ll have them delivered right to your door. So, whether you’re looking for cupcakes for that picnic, ice cream to end the night, or luscious and creamy slices of cake to share with everyone - CakeRush has got you covered, so you can have the best ever New Year!

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