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July 29, 2021 4 min read

Before the lockdown period, we were spoilt for choice when it came to birthday celebration ideas. One could’ve just easily hosted a huge party at home or spent a nice night out at a nearby restaurant. However, things have changed now and physically celebrating with friends and family may seem like a far-fetched dream at the moment. This could potentially be gloomy especially for the memorable milestones like your18th or21st birthday.

Fret not, as we have just the solution for that! With a little ingenuity and proper planning, we guarantee that a lockdown birthday celebration will be just as merry. Whether it isbirthday celebrations ideas for him, for her, for father, or for mother, we are sure you will find this list handy because these unique hacks apply to all ages! So get your planners out and take notes, because we are about to turn the quarantine birthday celebration into an epic bash!

MCO Birthday Celebration Ideas

  • A virtual party
  • Get on your devices and send out them calendar invites because video calls are the next big thing when it comes to birthday celebrations. Remember to jazz up the party with a dress code, too! You could do cosplays, the 80’s theme, western cowboys or anything the birthday person might like. If you prefer a moresimple route, a nice takeaway and virtual dinner date is always an ideal choice as well. Bonus tip: sync up everyone’s meals by ordering them in advance to make the birthday person feel like everybody is in the same room. 

    The great thing about a virtual party is definitely the versatility because you could use it for practically anyone. Needsurprise ideas to celebrate your boyfriend’s birthday? Check.Company birthday celebration ideas? Can do.1st-year-old baby birthday celebration ideas? No problem! With a little tweaking and planning, a virtual video callparty could never go wrong. 

  • A group Netflix marathon
  • If the socialising affair of video calls isn’t the birthday person’s thing, how about a nice quiet andsimple cinema-ish experience? Just download the ‘Teleparty’ extension on your Google Chrome and you can set up a group watching session in a jiffy! If it’s an intimate party with your partner, pick a romantic movie. If it’s a more open group that includes colleagues from theoffice, pick a show that the birthday person has been pestering everyone to watch since ages ago (yes, it is that important!).

    Though it soundssimple, a group Netflix Marathon is actually a greatbirthday celebration idea for the quarantine period because it could be enjoyed by all age groups, whether it is their10th, 19th, 30th or even40th birthday, just as long as you pick the right movie. Don’t forget to include snacks!

  • A virtual game night
  • Video calls don’t just have to be about boring ol’ conversations. With a little imagination, you will realise that there are tons of cool games that could fit as abirthday celebration idea. Think along the lines of charades, birthday quizzes, Pictionary and many more. We guarantee that it will provide a good laugh for everyone and make the birthday boy or girl feel like people are there physically to celebrate with them.

    These minor tweaks to asimple video call can really turn things around and create an exciting birthdaysurprise for pretty much anyone! Not to mention the new and unique bond that you will form with your special someone if it is abirthday celebration idea for him or for her

  • Team puzzle
  • If the birthday recipient is an old-school kind of person who does not prefer the novelty of virtualbirthday celebration ideas, this suggestion will be right up your alley. If you are fortunate enough to have housemates with the birthday person, have them team up and solve a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. It may sound tedious at first, but believe us when we say the completed puzzle will always serve as acute memory that the entire household shares together. Isn’t that wholesome?

    Birthday celebration ideas like these could fit any age group, but we’d recommend it for people who are celebrating their50th or60th birthdays becausesimple is always better for them.

  • E-Greeting card
  • One of the most important things forbirthday celebration ideas is the plan must make the birthday recipient feel loved. And there’s no better way to do that than a compilation of short clips as a cool happy birthday e-greeting video! Thissimple gesture will remind them that the people around them still care despite not being to meet the birthday boy or girl in person. It is the little things like these that will leave a lifelong impact on people. Feeling cared for during these trying times is a necessity that should not be underestimated.

    No matter whichbirthday celebration idea you pick, there is always one thing that all birthdays must have — a sumptuous cake. Though it may sound tricky at first, it is reallysimple to deliver a birthday cakesurpriseto someone even if you are unable to physically meet them due to the lockdown period. All you need is CakeRush, your one-stop online platform to send the most epic birthday cakesurprise ever.

    Sourcing only from the top-rated bakers around town, we ensure that all thecute birthday cakes that you order adheres to the highest standard of quality. After all, birthday cakes should arrive nothing short of perfect! In addition to that, our list of ever-growing young and passionate bakers means that you will always be getting the latest and trendiest birthday cakes on the market, no matter if it isfor him, for her, for father or for mother, there will always be something for everyone!

    As the icing on the cake, we also offer same-day delivery for all of our delicious desserts. Just place your order online before 3PM (Mon-Sat) on our site and yoursurprise birthday cake will be delivered within the same day!

    So, if there is a birthday surprise coming up, head over tocakerush.my today and order a yummy slice!

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