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October 17, 2022 3 min read

Halloween is right around the corner, and it's more than just about realistic costumes and skeletons on your front lawn. Another highlight of the Halloween season is trick-or-treating! From asking for candies in carved pumpkins from your neighbours to exquisite treats to serve at Halloween parties!

This year, in honour of Halloween, Cake Rush has introduced a plethora of ghoulish confections that you will be able to get your hands on. Whether you're looking for cakes with jaw-dropping toppers or googly-eyed brookies to creep on, we've got it all! Continue reading to peruse our Halloween collections, which have been created in collaboration with well-known local bakers.

Spooky Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween Cakes


Eats and Treats bakers do their best to take pumpkin carving on Halloween to a whole new level! CakeRush is delighted to offer you this dessert for your upcoming Halloween party, with the option of selecting aromatic vanilla or velvety chocolate, two of the season's most popular spooky flavours.

The Spooky Halloween Pumpkin will surely lift the Halloween spirits among your friends and family with its spooky cake toppers that fit the occasion and a Jack-O lantern filled with delight!

Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween Cakes


These Halloween Cupcakes from Junandus are a scary good treat. For Halloween this year, following in the footsteps of their famous designer cupcakes, these cupcakes are made with the utmost attention to detail to resemble terrifying eyeballs, eerie graveyards, and even creepy crawling spiders! Junandus' Halloween-themed cupcakes this year are surely made to scare and share!

Junandus offers everything a sweet tooth can wish for, and this Halloween CakeRush wants to be the one that delivers it to you or your loved ones, making the celebration extra spooky!

Zombie Pinata

Halloween Cakes


Cake Hub specialises in delicious sweets and moist cakes, but this Halloween they want to give CakeRush customers the sensation of a bursting celebration! We're talking to the Zombie Pinata! The guests at your party will no longer have to worry about trick or treating after breaking open this centrepiece, which is filled with candy and other sweets!

With this Halloween treat from Cake Hub, let the spooky surprise of an array of scrumptious treats burst open. White Chocolate, Ferrero Rochers, Kisses Chocolate, Yupi Burger Gummy, Mini Lollipops, Kit Kat Chocolate, Jelly, Mini Toblerone, Gold Coin Chocolate, Sour Sweet Gummy, White Kinder Bueno, Dairy Milk Chocolate, M&M Chocolate, Lava Chocolate Cookies, and Marshmallows are among the goodies available.

Monster Brownies

Halloween Cakes


This Halloween, Brownies Bar is not going to miss out! Making a bold appearance on CakeRush, we're here to offer their Monster Brownies, ideal for frightening your Halloween party guests! Just like the usual brownies on CakeRush, you can always have the option of choosing 4 pieces or 9 pieces. 

Their Halloween Brownies are designed to both frighten you with the adorable monsters perched atop them and satisfy your sweet need after one bite. Drizzled with matcha, chocolate, hazelnut, speculos, and white chocolate, these brownies are a classic at CakeRush!

Googly Brookies Box

Halloween Cakes


As a part of our efforts to get you in the Halloween spirit, we at CakeRush are pleased to present The Accidental Bakers' Googly Brookies Box. Your Halloween party guests will be blown away by the decadent combination of homemade crisp cookies and soft gooey brownies.

You can get these brookies in a 4-pack or a 9-pack, and they come in two of the most popular Halloween flavours: red velvet and peanut butter jelly. These cookies available on CakeRush, topped with spooky faces, are just the right amount of sweetness to make your Halloween extra spooky.

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