#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

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September 08, 2020 2 min read

Celebrations and the people that we celebrate are always incredibly unique - and sometimes you just might find yourself stuck in a rut trying to figure out what to gift the special celebrant on their big day! Whether it may be an anniversary, a baby shower, a birthday - or just a celebration on a mundane day to say I love you, your best option to convey your sweet sentiments to them is definitively something sweet (of course). But what do you get them from all the options out there?

Well, since you know them the best - why not cater to their unique tastes? Picking a predetermined gift set won’t cut it, it’s just not personal enough! We’ve been stuck in this very conundrum, so we know the struggle all too well - which is why we, at CakeRush have come out with the perfect solution! We’ve found a way to let you pick your cake and eat it too - with customizable Build Your Own Gift Boxes

Spoiling someone special has never been easier - simply go to our customized gift boxes section and begin the building! 

Start with selecting the perfect cake from our array of delicious favourites (psst… you can even add more than one to go that extra sweet mile), at the second step personalize your bundle with as many as amazing add-ons as your heart desires - pick the perfect ones from our cute teddies, sublime teas, unique and delicious cookies, chocolate boxes, birthday decor, and so much more! Finally, choose your preferred delivery date and time sloth, and don’t forget to add a message from your heart to it all off! 

And voila! 3 simple steps and you’ve got yourself the perfect gift box for every occasion; now just sit back and relax while we get your special cake gift box delivered straight to the celebration. Why look further when CakeRush has you covered with the best personalized gift boxes in town?

Plus, we know your time and money is valuable - so we keep the process frictionless, hassle-free and deliver the best quality at the best prices! A few simple clicks, and we’ll deliver all your cake orders for free all across Klang Valley while you can just sit back and enjoy - our cakes of course!

So whatever the celebration may be, find the perfect sweet treat to go with it on CakeRush today!

Click here to create your own customized gift box today!

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