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September 02, 2020 4 min read

They say you can’t buy happiness - but you can buy cake - and that’s kind of the same thing, except so much sweeter! Let’s face it, we all love indulging ourselves in a slice of sinful goodness from time to time, and cake is as good as it gets. 

As much as we’d love to argue that you can never have too much of something as delicious as cake, we know the trouble of storing those leftover cake slices in the fridge and struggling to finish it before it isn’t as moist and sumptuous as it once was. So we’re here to save the day with our cake hacks that you can use to really do justice to that tastebud tantalizing delicacy you ordered just a few days ago. 

First things first, you’re going to need one essential ingredient for all these hacks - that being cake ofcourse! We’ve got you covered on that front with our array of delicious cakes for every occasion, taste, and person! So go ahead, and first order yourself some happiness.

Got your cake? Let’s begin! 


Cake Pops

Cake pops are an all-time favourite - they bring you the delicious moistness of a cake in a bite-size serving covered with irresistible crunchy chocolate - what’s not to love!

To make your own cake pops at home, simply take your leftover cake and hand-crumble it into a super sweet gooey dough; simply roll your dough into bite-sized balls and put each one on a stick and freeze them for about 15 minutes. 

Finally, cover these heavenly pops in a coating of your favourite melted chocolate (and even add some flavour like vanilla or rose essence if you’d like) and let them drip dry before sprinkling on some toppings and letting the chocolate harden. And Bon Apetit! You can now enjoy pops of dainty deliciousness while you Netflix, work, or even with a bunch of friends - there’s more than enough to go around. 


Trifles are a classic dessert that are next to impossible to get wrong. The best thing about them is how resourcefully delicious (and cheap to make) they can be! Have a bunch of sweet treats lying around the pantry - just put them together and make this magnificent delicacy.

You can use literally anything you’d like in a trifle - but always make sure there’s cake. Start by layering bits of leftover cake on the bottom and top it off with whatever sweet treats your heart desires, try biscuits, fruit, cream, ice-cream, jell-o, or even bits of chocolate! Continue layering your set of ingredients on top of one another to create your own mouth-watering wonderland. Top your trifle off with nuts, crushed biscuits and cakes, fruit or candy.

Trifles make for the perfect party dessert or late-night treat, in fact, we could eat them just about always - who could resist layers of all your favourite sweet treats?

Cake Shakes

Cake shakes? You heard that right! A cake in a shake! So now you can have your cake and drink it too. Simply add your leftover cake in a blender with some milk and ice, and a dash of extra flavour with nuts, fruits, ice cream, coffee or even liqueur. Give that a quick spin, and fill up your milkshake glass.
Top it off with whipped cream, nuts, a cherry, and a final slice of cake to crown this magnificent beauty. We will warn you though, this one’s a sin worth indulging in - but we would definitely recommend sharing it (and the guilt), perhaps with two straws over a cute little date?

Icecream Toppings

You can even reuse your cake on a sunny day for a super sweet and refreshing treat, because who doesn’t scream for ice-cream and cake! Just crumble up bits of your cake and freeze them, so the next time you’re about to enjoy some delicious creamy goodness - you can top it off with an extra sweet treat!

Your cake bits won’t just add an extra layer of sweetness, they can even compliment the most basic vanilla icecream and add more depth and texture to this dessert. You can even go a step further and make your own rocky-road style icecream at home by blending in cake bits, fudge, and nuts into classic vanilla or chocolate icecream.

Sharing is Caring

Lastly, our sweetest suggestion of all - while wanting to relish every last bit of that cake may sound tempting, over-stuffing yourself with too much cake will most likely result in the sugar slump of guilt that comes after. Or even worse, you might want to throw out the remains of deliciousness - and there is nothing sadder than wasted cake!

So instead, consider sharing - whether you’re throwing a big bash, or having a quaint gathering, remember to set out just enough cake for yourself and your home and pack the rest into small servings for your friends, guests, or even your house help and security guards.

Giving away crummy leftovers is a sad use of cake - so instead, portion out the happiness beforehand, so everyone can get a slice of sweetness. After all, cake and happiness, are both better when shared.

(Psst… and if you’re worried you’ll crave more cake later on, just order more from us! We’ll save the day with free same-day delivery to satiate your sweet tooth in a jiffy!)

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