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November 24, 2020 2 min read

We’re at the end of an incredibly tumultuous year - 2020 sure has been a never-ending roller coaster ride for all of us, but the good news is we’re almost done with this year! But, a new year rolling out means a whole lot of new opportunities, new plans, and most importantly - new resolutions to make the next year much better! 

We’ve all been there, at the start of every year we make a monumental list of thing we’re about to change to really glow up our lives. Too often though, we make far too drastic changes that are entirely unsustainable, and then end up giving up on our goals not even half-way into the year. 

So, what can we do differently this time around - to make sure that we actually stick to our goals throughout the year? Well, it has once been rightly said - “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. The right way to building a new life for yourself is to always begin with small, yet impactful changes that can easily be incorporated into your everyday life - to make a big difference. 

For many of us, these resolutions look a lot like wanting to lose weight, getting fit or simply gifting ourselves a healthier lifestyle - which almost always includes avoiding some of our favourite foods, which is never an easy feat! We’ve been there too, and know exactly how you feel - especially when it comes to cake. Cake is one of our favourite things, and something completely unavoidable as a part of life. Whoever you are, wherever you’ve been - cake makes its way into your life at least once a year, and hopefully even more. Whatever the celebration, cakes are always a staple and we believe they’re an absolutely essential ingredient to living a sweet life. So, how do you avoid over-indulging while still giving yourself a slice of happiness every now and then? 

We’ve got the perfect solution - healthier cakes. Making a lifestyle change doesn’t have to include depriving yourself of enjoyment, especially on big days, celebrations, or moments of happiness. Which is exactly why we’ve found some of the most delicious cakes that are actually good for you! No, we aren’t kidding! 

We’ve got a range of delicious healthy cakes - from chocolatey vegan brownies to creamy fruit tarts, and so much more! They’re wonderfully irresistible, healthy for you, gorgeously Instagrammable, and even come in vegan and gluten-free alternatives! What more could you ask for, especially when you get to keep your cake and eat it too. 

So go on ahead, and conquer 2021 - glow up and be the best version of yourself, all while letting yourself satiate your sweet tooth with CakeRush! 

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