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November 03, 2020 3 min read

The 1st of November every year is celebrated as World Vegan Day - a day that commemorated and celebrates how far the movement has come since it’s conception. But what is veganism, and who are vegans? 

People often confuse the termveganwith vegetarian - and while both of these dietary groups avoid consuming animal products such as fish and meat, the key difference between vegans and vegetarians is that vegans not only avoid animal products but even their by-products including milk, eggs, leather, wool, and even honey. Vegans, or those that follow a vegan diet - avoid consuming anything that may have been sourced from an animal, whether directly or indirectly. Veganism revolves around the principle of doing the least harm possible to any living or sentient being. 

The ideology of veganism finds its way back to 1944, much after the vegetarian revolution - and throughout the years, as veganism faced its fair share of criticism, scandals, and so much more - veganism is today, eventually becoming a widely accepted norm around the globe. With vegan food and product alternatives such as plant-based milk products, PU Vegan leather, vegan makeup products and more - people are slowly coming to understand how sustainable and helpful veganism actually is for many in today’s world.

Although only an estimated 2% of the entire globe in the world is strictly vegan, studies have found that many people fall on a dietary spectrum with more and more people starting to lean towards a plant-based lifestyle. While vegan and plant-based diets aren’t the same - the major food groups within both these diets consist of foods made from plants (vegetables, fruit, nuts, tofu etc.). The reason that plant-based diets have become increasingly popular today can be linked to three major factors: more people have realized the negative impact of animal products and by-products on their health and the environment, and more people today suffer from food allergies related to animal products than ever before; thus, plant-based diets offer an alternative to those that may want to reduce their consumption of animal products without completely giving them up. On the other hand, vegan diets are strict about adhering to only plant-based products, i.e. vegans solely consume plant-based products, while those on plant-based diets consume a certain percentage of plant-derived products while the rest of their diet still consists of animal products and by-products. 

Whatever the case, whether you are looking to consume a strictly vegan diet, or leaning towards cutting down your consumption of animal products, moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle isn’t just good for your health, but for the environment as well. But being good to the environment, animals and your health doesn’t have to come with a drastic sacrifice any longer, with an array of delicious plant-based snacks, desserts, “junk” foods and more readily available almost everywhere, plant-based lifestyles are becoming much easier to follow and stick with today. 

Here at CakeRush, we believe that life is simply better with cake - cakes have been a staple for every sort of celebration for centuries now, and we believe no one should have to miss out on the joy of a slice of decadence, especially when they’re trying to be more conscious with their consumption. Which is why we have the perfect solution for all our plant-based and vegan friends who may be looking for a cake for their celebrations. 

We have an array of delicious vegan-friendly cakes, made with top quality ingredients - they aren’t just good for the environment, the animals, and your health - but even for your tastebuds! Whether you’re vegan, plant-based or at the complete opposite end of the spectrum - we’re sure these vegan delights will satiate your sweet tooth and leave you wanting some more! So celebrate World Vegan Day and Month with a slice of animal and environment-friendly decadent goodness, with CakeRush! 

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