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October 13, 2020 2 min read

It’s not everyday that you meet a cake with a mythology as mystifying as it’s very own taste, it’s not everyday that you indulge in a piece of history and red velvet cake. 

A cake so beautifully delicious - to the sight and the tongue, there’s never getting enough of this luxurious delight whether it be a glance or a slice. But where does this marvellous cake come from? 

A quick glance at cake history will show you that red velvet cakes have been a revered favourite for centuries; but despite its claim to fame, the red velvet cake has been at the sweet centre of a plethora of scandals and false accusations - from it being an imposter chocolate cake, to it being a recipe for revenge - red velvet cake has endured it all. 

Truthfully, the roots of red velvet cake go back to the 13th-century Victorian era where cocoa was seen as a luxury ingredient reserved only for only the creme de la creme of cakes - and served only to the most important people at the fanciest parties and get-togethers of that society. 

Although today’s more mundane red velvet cakes are a concoction of chocolate and food colouring, the real red velvet cakes were nowhere as bright as we know them to be today. Red Velvet cakes were given their iconic name due to their close resemblance to a velvety red carpet, especially because of their smooth and soft texture. The iconic colour of the red velvet, though, initially came from a recipe mistake that resulted in a chemical reaction between buttermilk and vinegar - and the rest was history. This luxurious delicacy soon made its way through the most prestigious parties, pop-culture trends, celebrity favourites, and finally today, our homes as a household favourite. 

Everyone loves a slice of indulgence, especially when it is this bodacious beauty. But what pairs well with the iconic red velvet? As for flavours, fresh raspberries, dark chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream are the best bet for this delicious cake - as they complement its tart and layered flavour profile without overpowering the star of the show. As for drink pairings, Mocha coffee and Pinot Noir wine are the perfect pair for this cake as they elevate its flavours and add a tinge of sweetness to the overall flavour trip! 

So, are you ready to take on a bite of long-running luxury with a decadent slice of red velvet? Well, we’re just the place for you. We have an array of gorgeous and delicious red velvet cakes fit for every person and occasion - and when you’re looking for that bite of luxury, we’ll double the experience by delivering your cake right to you for free, on the very same day while you can sit back and relax from the luxury of your home when you satiate your sweet tooth with CakeRush! 

Browse through our range of ravishing red velvet cakes today, and indulge yourself in a true taste of luxury. 

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