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October 20, 2020 3 min read

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high - there’s a land that we’ve heard of once in a lullaby; a land full of vivid rainbows, saturated in sugar, and cream dabbled skies. This land made of colours and dreams is where we’re transported to with just a bite or a simple sight of one of the most iconic cakes of today’s world - the rainbow cake. Where does this delight with layers of colour and magic come from? Well, today, we’re here to share the magic of one of our favourite cakes with you. 

To understand the history of this beautifully baked delight, we’re going to have to start from the beginning. The history of all decorated cakes goes back to the mid 17th century, when the maestros of culinology and desserts - the french, started to get creative with their sugary confections. Deserts were first introduced as a separate part of the meal or course at this time - and thus, started to become more elaborate and visually appealing especially for wealthy guests at fancy restaurants, banquets and dinner parties. 

As time went by, culinary schools started specializing in dessert decoration, teaching the art of beautiful bakes to budding patissiers, and cook books specifically written on the art of decorating cakes and confections revolutionized the world of desserts forever. Over the years, cake decorations went from simple cream flourishes and fondant art to towers of sugar and cream that could resemble absolutely anything in the world, with intricate mechanics and moving parts, and bursts of colour layered upon one another.

The rainbow cake found its beginnings in the sentimental story of Kaithlin Flannery and her friend. Kaithlin, a passionate baker, writer and friend decided to do something special for her friend who was about to relocate to make her farewell a truly memorable and magical one. What better way to do that than to honour everything her friend loved? Rainbows, colour and a whole lot of sugar! This idea sparked the experimentation and eventual creation of the now iconic rainbow cake - with layers of beautiful colours and a burst of sugar to brighten up her friend’s day.

After a successful farewell surprise, Kaithlin saw how popular her cake was amongst her friend group and decided to share her colourful creation on her blog, what she didn’t anticipate - was exactly how popular her invention was about to be. Kaithlin’s cake became a sensation over the internet, with people all over the world admiring her marvellous invention - even culinary queen Martha Stewart - who ended up inviting Kaithlin onto her television show to share her story and recipe!

Ever since, rainbow cakes have left their mark on not just the culinary world, but the world of pop-culture as well! Rainbow cakes are all the rave nowadays, and are the perfect centerpieces for big bright occasions, birthday parties, and even for just one of those days that you need a little more colour in life.

Whatever the occasion or day, everyone could use the magic of rainbow cake! If you’re looking to get your hands on a slice of magic and rainbows, you’re at the perfect place! CakeRush has a range of deliciously beautiful rainbow cakes available for free same-day delivery right to your doorstep, So bring home some sweet magic with a marvellously magical rainbow cake today!

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