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July 16, 2020 3 min read

Veganism has become a new revolution of sorts around the globe, from a small dietary choice made by a select few many years ago - veganism has today, become one of the most defining trends throughout all industries, with a prolific number of the world’s population considering going vegan. From PU leather vegan handbags in the fashion industry, to vegan mock meats literally grown in labs from the cells of animals rather than the animals itself in the F&B industry - veganism is taking over the world, one plant-based product at a time. 

Veganism is more than just vegetarianism though, while vegetarian diets still incorporate animal by-products, veganism abstains from anything made from or even derived from animals; this also includes dairy products, eggs, and other by-products.

With the vegan revolution unfolding before us today, more and more products have been made to tailor the dietary needs of those turning vegan for the animals, the environment, and even for their own health. 

CakeRush knows that life is no good without cake, and we want to be able to serve up a slice of joy to anyone and everyone that we can. So how about vegans? Yes, we can.

CakeRush has thus, partnered with Baked KL to curate a list of vegan-friendly cakesto spread the sweetness towards our friends in the vegan community! Being vegan doesn’t have to be difficult - which is why we made sure our vegan wonders aren’t just animal product free, but also incredibly irresistible. 

Here are our favourite vegan cakes in KL: 

Vegan Ultimate Choc Brownie

Made with simple, plant-based ingredients, this brownie is as natural as it gets. These classic brownies are our favourite - for any day, and anyone! You would never guess that these rich, moist and chocolatey brownies are dairy, egg and refined-sugar free! 

Vegan Choc Fudge Brownie

These chocolate fudge infused bites of paradise are crispy on the sides, and oh so fudgy sweet on the inside; made with simple, all-natural ingredients and chia seed - these brownies may look sinful, but are instead scrumptiously saintly. Good for the animals, environment, and you! 






Vegan Banana Butterscotch Cake

Infused with whipped butterscotch cream and buttery banana, all sandwiched with homemade biscoff cookie layers - our banana butterscotch banana cake is a trip to taste town. The right amount of sweet and a whole lot of silky - this vegan cake makes for a fluffy slice of delight.

Vegan Dark Choc Truffle

A brownie cake - blanketed in layers of delectable chocolate whipped cream, and topped off with indulgent dark chocolate orange truffles. What could taste more sumptuous? This vegan baked treat is a feast for all the senses - you wouldn’t be able to resist more bites (even if you aren’t even vegan). 

All these tempting treats are some of our favourites, and we’re sure you’ll love them too. Whether you’re vegan or not, these treats taste just as amazing as the real deal (if not better); so give one a try - every step towards a more conscious lifestyle counts. So why not begin with cake? 

As for our vegan friends, tell us what you think of these scrumptious cakes, especially curated for you - and we may just surprise you with more options to keep your sweet tooth satiated with more vegan treats.


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