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July 10, 2020 3 min read

You scream, I scream, we all scream for - Icecream...cake?

It’s Icecream Month, and National Icecream Day slowly approaches us with its sugar-filled goodness! But what exactly are National Icecream Month and Day? 

In 1984, Ronald Reagen, the 40th President of the United States wanted to tribute a day to the sweet treat that the entirety of the nation enjoy (did you know that  Americans eat the most ice cream in the world?).

Although Icecream Day was made for the icecream loving citizens of the United States, we know the world loves ice cream - we sure do; so why not celebrate the creamy ecstasy that icecream is in Malaysia too?

This year, we at CakeRush want to celebrate Icecream Day in an extra special way, allying with something we love just as much (if not more) as ice cream - cakes! Why not amp up the sweetness with a creamy sweet bonanza - with not just cake or ice cream alone, but instead, with the holy matrimony of the two in the form of an ice cream cake!

We’ve got a line-up of saccharine fusions through our line of ice cream cakes, so have a look through this list - we’re sure you’ll find something right to satiate your sweet tooth, and celebrate ice cream day in an extra special way. 

Classic Creations

Classic flavours, cleverly created - these set of ice cream cakes are simple and easy, yes oh so tasty! 3 classic icecream cake flavours - these creamy curations are sure to be a hit for everybody.

If you’re an Oreo-holic, we know nothing goes better together than cookies and cream, our Oreo Club Ice Cream Cake takes this pleasure up a notch with Oreo cookies and Ice Cream - united in a single, sumptuous cake. 

This one’s something sweet - both, literally and figuratively. This lovely, luscious creation is an amalgamation of strawberries and ice cream - wed together in a wonderful heart shape. Show someone how much you love them (or yourself) with our Shape of My Heart Ice Cream Cake

Nothing tastes better than home - and what best describes Malaysian flavours, better than the kind of fruits - Durian? This incredibly cute ice cream cake doesn’t just look like a durian - it tastes fresh off the branch too. Our Durian Family Ice Cream Cake is the perfect pick for all Durian enthusiasts on Ice Cream Day.




Variety is the Sugar of Life

Picking one single flavour from an array of tasty treats can be a hassle - we find it hard to pick a favourite too. We don’t want you spending Ice Cream Day struggling to pick one of our sugary treats - so we’ve done the work for you. 

Whether you’re leaning between 2, 8 or even 10 flavours - we’ve got the right buffet of cakes for you. Our Perfect Duo, 8 Sensations, and Perfect 10 Ice Cream Cakes take the work out of relishing our creations. 

Coming in a full cake with sets of either 2, 8, or 10 - these ice cream cakes boast an array of flavours including classics like Mango, Strawberry, Mint Choco Chips & Matcha, but also unique picks like Black Sesame, Sweet Corn, Dark Chocolate, Coconut, & Sumiyaki Coffee. 

So why just go for one when we’re you can try them all?


A Buffet of Tidbits 

Whole slices may be a little too big for some of us, even though we’d love to try them all, well, now you can. Coming in petite cups and pops - we have fun Ice Cream treats aside from just cake for all you itty-bitty eaters! 

From our Cup Deluxe Ice Cream Pack, to our Kpop Ice Cream lollipop box and bouquet - these sweet creations take the cake when it comes to assortments - without having any cake at all.

Our artisanal Ice Cream Cups come in an assortment of 10 indulgent, yet healthy flavours - guaranteeing a little something for everyone. 

While our Kpop Ice Cream Popscome in a box - with a set of 25 assorted chocolate-covered ice cream flavours, and even an edible Ice Cream Pop arrangement bouquet with 10 assorted flavours! 

With our extensive range of ice cream creations, you’re sure to find the right way (or many ways) to celebrate ice cream with us! So go ahead, and tell us your favourite creamy creation and how you celebrated Ice Cream Day with CakeRush’s Ice Cream Cakes.

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