#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

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July 08, 2020 4 min read

When it comes to birthday celebrations, cake is always the highlight of the event. Crowned with brightly lit candles, the birthday cake always takes centre stage on your special day (after you, of course!). Whether it be a vibrant multi-tiered rainbow frosting cake, an intricately designed fondant cake, or a picture-perfect tower of super sweet frosting covered-goodness - cake always hits the sweet spot. 

As a premium gourmet cake specialist, CakeRush prides itself in offering the widest variety of top-notch birthday cakes all around Kuala Lumpur; our splendidly sweet lineup of mouthwatering birthday treats includes mini mixed cupcakes,cookies, brookies,brownies, mille crepes and of course, the most perfect birthday cakes. What’s more? Now you can even work alongside the CakeRush team to create custom  birthday cakes with personalized designs, assorted colour palettes and rich flavours for the perfect accompaniment to your birthday festivities. 

Here’s why CakeRush is the right choice for all your birthday bash necessities:


A Trousseau of Trends!

Frustrated with over-priced, subpar bakery cakes? The latest trends in birthday cakes are getting a lot of attention and our pastry chefs are coming up with loads of new designs, textures and flavours to blow your minds away.

Nowadays,birthday cakes have gotten bigger, bolder and more beautifully extravagant than ever before!

While cakes have been used in birthday festivities for centuries, new trends are transforming cakes into masterpieces! CakeRush is joining in on the artistry too, by bringing a whole new meaning to the world of cakes, we’re pushing the boundaries of incredible cake creations. Textured temptations, minimalistic marvels, magical unicorns to everyone’s favourite chocolate royal cakes, we offer decadent, timeless options that will ritz up your fiesta many notches.


A Sweet Taste of Memory Lane!

You’re ready to cut a divine slice of cream covered cake, surrounded by your friends and family, as the festivities begin – you feel the streamers fall, you hold your breath and ready yourself to make a wish.  This is probably one of the fondest memories we all recall from our childhood.

Birthday cakes take us back in time, they’re synonymous with the happiest times of our lives – growing up surrounded by all our loved ones. CakeRush wants to carry on that legacy, infused together with a slice of uniquely you to take you back in time with every bite, and make your birthday just as special as it has always been. 

Our pastry chefs are open to discuss your bespoke cake ideas and pledge to bake not only cakes, but pure happiness! Our  birthday cakes feature a wealth of delightful flavours and designs that you have the luxury to choose from with the least burden on your pocket. Our culinary artisans know how to make the celebrant feel special with the mastery of the art of aesthetics, taste, cake decoration, and flavour innovation. 


A Sugary Surprise! 

In today’s hectic world, we seldom get time to prepare for an occasion or celebration as much as we would like to. Planning a birthday party for your dear ones can be stressful, especially if you’re considering baking the  birthday cake yourself. There is so much to do already: deciding where to throw the party, whom to invite, how to keep the secret, and how to reveal your surprise! All these details can confuse even the most experienced party planner. Give yourself a break, choose CakeRush  birthday cakes and tick one more thing off your party’s to-do-list!

CakeRush  birthday cakes make for a perfect  birthday surprisefor your dear ones. We believe that delivering a sugary surprise in the form of a  birthday cake makes their day extra-sugary special. We have an irresistible range of show-stopping celebration cakes for you and your celebrant – so fantastical, even you’ll be surprised!    


Our Mission: Spread the Sweetness

Every celebration deserves its own sugar rush from CakeRush, but birthday celebrations are our all-time favourites. We have been in the business of baking unique personalized  birthday cakes that our patrons remember long after they’ve blown out the candles, we specialize in preparing hand-crafted  happy birthday cakes that match your celebrant in the most personal way possible. 

With no shipping fee and extensive distribution all over the Klang Valley, we’ve got all your delivery needs covered.

As professionals, we strive to meet the high expectations of our patrons and customers by creating a ‘wow factor’ in everything we do, every day. Lovingly handmade by our talented patisseries,  happy birthday cakes and birthday surprise goodies by CakeRush feature a wealth of rich, delightful flavours and designs that will make the occasion truly unique and unforgettable!

Don’t have time to personally drop by our shop? No problem! With CakeRush, you can easily browse through a wide selection of birthday cakes on our extensive online menu, select the flavour and design of your choice, write your personal message and choose a delivery date and time. We will deliver the perfect  happy birthday cake right to your doorstep in a gorgeous gift box with a greeting card to match your occasion. So no unnecessary store visits or standing in long queues. 

Alternatively, you can call us and place your order via phone and we will make sure that your bespoke birthday cake arrives in time for the festivities. You can also opt for our smooth and hassle-free same-day, express and free shipping delivery services.


If you want to check out our birthday cake collection right away click here, or if you’d like our help finding the right cake from our variety of options click here to view our blog post on the Top 7 Birthday Cakes for your bash of a celebration!

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