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December 17, 2021 3 min read

Christmas is a time that brings the closest family and friends together. It’s a Malaysian tradition to gather around a scrumptious meal for festive celebrations. Christmas 2021 requires a very special dinner as we’ve survived a roller-coaster of a year – with the pandemic and all. Roll up your sleeves and get ready for an ambitious dinner party. We’ve created the perfect list to shy away from the traditional roast turkey dinner. Here are 5 must-try ideas for an epic Christmas meal.

  1. A Veggie Good Christmas Meal!

Most of us start the year with some form of New Year’s resolutions and eating healthy is unquestionably on the list. Although December may not be the conventional time to start eating healthy, you can start with a healthy Christmas dinner. Plan a Veggie Good Christmas dinner with friends or family and get a head-start to next year’s healthy decisions.

Planning a veggie-themed dinner doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be any meat. Just reduce the number of meat dishes; we suggest one roast chicken for 3 vegetable dishes. As Malaysians, we love our veggies – stir fried, deep fried, steamed, curried – you name it. Choose a variety of styles for bouncing samples of flavours. Complete the meal with some lightcookies to sweeten the experience. 


  1. Bountiful Sharing Platters

Cheese platters are amazing alternatives to full-course mains that gather everyone for bite-sized meals. In most home and restaurant settings, sharing platters are often a precursor to a hearty meal. A cheese and meat platter usually helps to fill our tummy while the main meal is being prepared. 

However, sharing platters can be the main course too. You’ll make this Christmas a casual, intimate affair with a platter with an abundance of cheese, meats, bread, crackers, fruit varieties, and assorted nuts.Sharing platters are now available all over KL and Selangor for delivery, so you could just deliver them over for Christmas dinner.  

  1. A Culturally Diverse Potluck

Preparing Christmas dinners and celebrations can be stressful with a surplus of commitments, especially for us working adults with kids. But why should you do all the work when you can delegate? Make it a Potluck Christmas dinner by opening the invitation for everyone to bring a dish. Seeing as we live in a multicultural environment, encourage your buddies to be creative and bring their favourite dish. They could even deliver it over with a food delivery service for an easy fix. Imagine a meal with Western food, Indian curry, Chinese stir fried veggies, and Malay dishes creating a cultural melting pot of our favourite local tastes! What a meal! For dessert, any of Malaysia’s tantalisingcakes would make the meal memorable.


  1. An Outdoor Barbeque Dinner

Warm weather calls for an outdoor party. Save for rain, there’s no excuse not to have an outdoor meal. What better way to do it than with a barbeque? Much like the Aussies do it down under, throw some food on the barbie and call it a meal. All you need are sausages, homemade beef patties, corn-on-the-cob, mushrooms, capsicums, onions, and a variety of sauces. Mash potatoes and rice go perfectly with barbeque food too, so you could whip some up for those guests who opt for some carbs. Infuse a little sugar with indulgentbrownies for that mouth-watering treat. 

  1. Eyes on The Pies 

Lazy people come up with the simplest solutions. As lazy bones, we know the secret to a quick but exciting Christmas meal is to simplify our food options. Pies are the best choice for delicious, healthy food with minimal preparation and cooking time. Popular pies for the festive season include Chicken Pot Pie, Shepherd’s Pie, Guinness Black Pepper Beef Pie, Pumpkin Pie, and Citrus Pie. The best part of pies is that you could bake them for both the main course and dessert. Throw all the ingredients in a pie dish, cover with filo pastry or pie pastry and bake at the appropriate to temperature. Too easy!

You can’t go wrong with any of these choices for Christmas dinners. Bring family and friends together for a celebration like no other. After all, Christmas is always a Clause for celebration. Tell us which of these are your favourite and which one you’ll try this season.

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