September 23, 2020 2 min read

There’s nothing like a delicious slice of cake on any day, whether it’s your mundane breezy and beautiful day, a blue and stormy day where you just need a decadent taste of comfort food, or even a big birthday bash - worth celebrating with only the most bodacious bakes!

But some days just call for a little something extra to jazz it up, so what could you pair perfectly with your favourite slice of heaven? The best solution in our opinion, is to always go for the classics! And what exactly would that be? Well, whether it be Marie Antoinette’s luxurious parties, or Alice’s wonderful wonderland party, or even your favourite childhood memories of adorable tea parties with your stuffed toys and best friends - tea is always the answer. 

There’s no denying that a herbal and fragrant concoction is the best pairing for a slice of decadently sugar and cream-laden treat, but teas could sometimes get boring - as sublime as they might be, nobody wants to sip down on a basic and boring black tea every single day! We’re big on being creative with our cakes - with a line of gorgeous, flavourful wonders, and we make sure to add that extra sparkle of uniqueness to everything we do - including our teas! 

Within our range of splendid teas, we have a little something for every palette - 

Our  Choju Hojicha,is a warm, rustic blend of charcoal roasted Japanese green tea - perfect for those with an affinity for coffee, except better, with its’ exceptional properties of being naturally low in caffeine and it’s wonderful earthy flavour. Best paired with Asian flavours like our Malaysian favourites, and Green tea matcha range.

On the other hand, we have our classics like our robust  Everyday English Breakfast Teaand our aromatic  Elegant Earl Grey Tea, perfect for the classic tea lovers and a suitable bet for almost every palette. These go wonderfully well with classic flavours like our Chocolate, Carrot, and Red Velvet cakes. 

And for those with a taste for earthy and herbal notes, we have wonderfully unique blends like our flowery  Calming Chamomile Tea, our spiced cirtusyLemongrass & Ginger Tea, and our sweet and refreshing  Revered Purple  Lavender Tea. These unique wonders are the perfect match for creamy or fruity delights like our Cheesecakes, Citron and Fruity cakes. 

And if you’d rather not take the trouble of picking, we’ve got that covered for you too - with delicious bundles of confections and tea, perfect for sharing at your own mini tea party.

So go ahead, and treat yourself to a sip and slice of heaven today with CakeRush, or even go wild and throw a delicious tea party for all your friend to revere! Whatever the occasion, we’ll bring you the tea and treats - all for free across Klang Valley!

Can’t deny, nobody does it like us! And that’s the tea, sis. 

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