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A Romantic Annual Reunion - Qixi Festival 

Did you skip out on Valentine's Day in February? Now is your opportunity to have a celebration! The Qixi Festival often referred to as the Double Seventh Festival or Chinese Valentine's Day takes place on the seventh day of the seventh month according to the lunar calendar. This year, the seventh day of the seventh month falls on August 4th. The Qixi Festival has been celebrated for more than two thousand years, and its origins can be traced back to a mythical love story that took place during the Han dynasty. The younger generation may not be as familiar with this Chinese custom, or they may not celebrate it anymore but CakeRush is here to remind you of this joyous festival! 

How To Celebrate The Chinese Valentine’s Day

This Chinese Valentine's Day, honour the romantic annual union of the mythical characters Niulang and Zhinü from the Han Dynasty by participating in a number of traditional activities with your loved ones. These activities are meant to commemorate the mythical characters' union during the Han Dynasty. We have compiled a list of ideas for you on how to enjoy the Qixi Festival, which includes the following:

Same-Day Delivery For Qixi Festival

CakeRush is overjoyed to participate in the festivities surrounding the Qixi Festival by offering a scrumptious assortment of confections suitable for the occasion. Your loved ones can receive a sweet treat from CakeRush thanks to our same-day delivery service. You need only select something from our assortment, and then proceed to check out. During this year's Qixi Festival, your delectables will soon be on their way!