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January 26, 2021 2 min read

We’re in 2021 - but 2020’s impact is far from gone! As wonderful as a fresh start and a new year has felt, we, as a nation have been called together to be responsible citizens and fight this pandemic - as one. Tough stuff, huh?

We know how absolutely nerve-wracking this entire journey has been - for every one of us. Staying at home, isolated from the world and everything we love about the outside can really be difficult. We are social creatures after all; and as the magic of Dalgonas, TikTok dances and trending topics has worn off - you might be feeling absolutely lost, once again. How do you survive MCO 2.0? As Nietzsche once said, What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. We’ve been through this once - and we sure can get through it again.

While we’ve all dabbled, or even gotten into fitness, new hobbies and self-improvement far more than ever before, over the past year - what can you add to that list of to-do’s to level up this MCO 2.0? Maybe you’ve tried every new hobby under the sun, tried healthy eating and new workout regimes, and even tried to begin your digital creation career on TikTok or Instagram - so, what now?

Times are tough - and as used to it we may be, the new norms we have come to live with have the power to drag us down from time to time. So, this MCO 2.0, why not do something for yourself, just because. While self-improvement is never the wrong way to go, self-care is an essential ingredient in maintaining your happy levels to keep you feeling your best - so you can go ahead and conquer your to-do list and day!

Take some time out for your mental health, reflect, journal, be grateful for all that you have - even give back to someone in need or do something impactful, because nothing feels better than making someone else feel the same. Treat yourself to some much-needed rest and rejuvenation this MCO 2.0, you truly deserve it. Even if that self-care means going a little easy on yourself - giving yourself days to rest, binge-watching your favourite guilty pleasures, taking a day off of work, or even pampering yourself to your favourite treats even though you’re on a diet - go ahead and do it.

We’re facing unprecedented times, and you’re learning and growing far beyond your wildest imagination amidst these uncertainties, so go easy on yourself and give yourself a dose of self-love with a big hug on top! We want to help you in this journey of self-love and care this lockdown, so if you’re craving a delicious sweet treat - just come on over to CakeRush, and we’ll have it delivered right to your doorstep on the very same day with contactless delivery of course! There’s nothing sweeter than being kind to yourself and staying safe - both physically and mentally, after all. 

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