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December 21, 2020 4 min read

Cakes have a special place in everyone’s hearts - and how could they not, especially with all the different flavours, types, and shapes that they come in? When we think about it, people too are sometimes, just like cake - often sweet, a whole lot of flavour, in different shapes and sizes - and each one made incredibly unique in its’ very own way. So what cake would you be if you were a cake? Well, this is what cake each zodiac sign would be if they were cakes:

With a zest for life, and zeal like no other - Aries is known to bring their spunk and gung-ho attitude wherever they go! They dare to make choices outside of the norm, and know exactly how to turn a not so sweet situation right around! So when life hands them lemons, the lemon cake full of zingy flavour and life is the perfect sweet treat to encapsulate the dauntless Aries.


Lush, luxurious and all-round lovely - Taurus is the sign of decadence, and what better way to encapsulate their irresistible auras and breathtaking exteriors than the classic cheesecake? Sophisticated and sublime - bursting with indulgence and rich creamy goodness, cheesecakes truly embody the timeless Taurus.


Sugar, spice and everything nice - Geminis are known for their flexibility and dualities that make them gel well with just about anyone - and what better way to encapsulate an adaptable Gemini than a concoction of sweet and salty? Salted Caramel cakes, with a mixture of cheery sweetness and an added flavour punch of salt, make for the perfectly harmonious pair, just like the multifaceted Gemini.


Cancers like to keep things classic, cozy and chic, and there’s no place like home for the sentimental Cancerian - so, what better way to embody these cozy creatures than a  warm and comforting coffee cake with rich aromas and flavours! After all, there’s no better way to encapsulate a Cancerian’s comforting aura than a deliciously warm slice of soul comforting coffee cake.



Flamboyant and fun, Leos are the life of the party that bring their flair everywhere they go - so of course, the most colourful and extravagant cake - the Rainbow cake, is the perfect sweet treat to encapsulate the lovely Leo. Colours, drama and so much flair - there’s no denying that the gorgeous Rainbow cake, just like the Leo is a fan favourite.


Simple and oh-so-sweet, Virgos are absolute sweethearts that know the best things in life are classic. Just like a cup of warm coffee on a cold morning, the first snowflake of winter, or the solace you find in a slice of your favourite Banana Bread or cake - Virgos are the personification of soul food, so what better than Banana cake with notes of warm vanilla, and creamy butter and banana that remind you to appreciate the beauty in the simplicities of life.


Libras - look so good, and look so sweet - they’re definitely everyone’s favourite treat! Librans are known for their charm and popularity, these social butterflies just know how to get the party going, no matter who they’re paired with. So, what better sweet treat than a fusion of everyone’s favourites - ice-cream and cake? Versatile, irresistible, and deliciously sweet - Ice-cream cakes are the perfect cake for our lovable Libras.



Magical, mysterious and incredibly magnetic - Scorpios take their time to warm up to you; they may be an acquired taste - but once you’ve had a taste, there’s absolutely nothing more wonderful than the flavours they bring to your life. Bold and beautiful with a punch of flavour - Scorpios perfectly embody the decadent Dark Chocolate cake - full of life, flavour and surprisingly a sinfully sweet core beneath it all.


Not one to conform to the norm - Sagittarians are trendsetters. Living life in the fast lane, with a whole lot of vibrancy, fire and a synergy of flavours, Sagittarians truly encapsulate the iconic Red Velvet cake - bursting with bright colours, sweet and tart flavours and a whole lot of flair.


No one knows class like a Capricorn, straight-laced but in the best way possible, Capricorns value tradition and find value in what many of us may simply see as “old-fashioned”. What better sweet treat to encapsulate them than the timeless, healthy and soul-satisfying carrot cake? Full of good for you ingredients, that even taste good once you acquire the taste for it.



Not one to conform - Aquarians like going out of the box and exploring every avant-garde aspect of life. Fusing together flavours of different worlds is one of their many fortes - and what better way to capture this energy than a flavour fusion of Matcha and cheese - we’re talking about the iconic Matcha cheesecake of course. A modern fusion of strong flavours, that may have been unexpected but works magically well together.


Sweet, soft-hearted, and incredibly lovable - Pisces is known to be one of the most lovely signs - simple, yet oh-so-wonderful! Vanilla cakes - a timeless sweet solace is the perfect sweet treat to encapsulate the warm and wonderful Pisces. As many as flavours you may try, you know nothing hits the spot, especially when you need a sweet pick-me-up like a slice of Vanilla cake filled with fluffy buttercream.

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