#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

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Enjoy Amazing Cakes This 11-11 Sale at CakeRush

All cake flavours are on sale this 11th of November 2022. 11-11 is the best time in the year to go shopping! Now with huge sales and limited time offers, you can grab beautiful, delicious cakes at lowest prices with the 11-11 cake promotion. “Singles’ Day” as it’s called, is a day dedicated to discounts galore. We at CakeRush love this time of the year. Which is why all flavours, sizes, and bakeries are available on offer. Whether you’re going for your favourite sweet delights or want to try something new, you’ll find the cake for you at CakeRush 11-11 Sale above. The best part – we deliver cakes around KL, Klang Valley, and up north in Penang too!


Your Favourite Cake Flavours on Promo

Have you ever wanted to try a cake but never had the time or money for it? Well, now is the time to splurge as cake prices are the lowest ever! At CakeRush, our collection of decadent confectionery is handpicked from Malaysia’s favourite bakers. Our signature bakery partners include the famous Secret Recipe, Purple Monkey, and KOBO Bakery. Here are some cake makers you must try:

Calling all fruity cake lovers! CakeRush has prices slashed off fruit flavoured cakes. Strawberry, mango, orange, Black Forest, and grape are all part of Malaysia’s favourites. If fruity and berry cakes don’t suit your palate, you might want to try our indulgent flavours of chocolate mousse cakes, an assortment of ice cream cakes on discount, butter cakes, chiffon cakes, and Mille crepe cakes. 


A Special Birthday Treat this 11-11 Sale

Many people are born in November – you’ll surely have close friends and family members who celebrate birthdays this month. Why not make their birthday a special one with signature birthday cakes this 11-11 Sale? At CakeRush, we love creating cake bundles for special occasions – particularly birthdays. We can’t resist singing Happy Birthday each time an order is made for a birthday cake. 

Not sure what cake to get? How about an ice cream cake from Inside Scoop? Our favourite flavours are durian ice cream cheesecake, Biscoff Ice Cream Cheesecake, Nuts About You Ice Cream Cake. Want something different yet has a cake feel? Why not try our brownies? You’ll love the chocolate fudgy brownies, cheesecake brownies, and sea salt brownies made by our very own local brownie connoisseur bakers. They make for awesome birthday cakes too! No matter the flavour you choose, you know you’ll get the best value for birthday cakes this 11-11 sale. 


We Make 11-11 Discounts on Cakes and Bundles

This 11-11 cake sale, we at CakeRush work overtime to ensure you enjoy the promos available. We push for lower discounts from our cake vendors and bakeries with your best interest in mind. We love making your shopping experience the best one yet. Thankfully, our cake partners feel the same way. They bake their best selections of signature cake flavours that Malaysians simply love. To make the most of your purchase, we’ve customised cake bundles that come with flowers, balloons, chocolates, or plush toys. They make for awesome birthday gifts.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and order your cakes on this 11-11 sale.