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December 19, 2022 4 min read

Ice Cream Cake Ideas To Celebrate Your Birthday!


Need something a little more fun and unique for birthdays? Ice cream cakes are the way to go! What better way to make birthdays a little more exciting than combining the two most delicious sweet treats in the world? Long gone are the days when ice cream cakes were meant just for children - Now, anyone can enjoy an ice cream cake!

Choosing the right flavours and design for your loved ones can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be! An ice cream cake can be just as delicious and decadent; if you know the right ones to choose from. We’ve narrowed down the best ice cream cake perfect for birthdays of all ages. 


Quick Ice Cream Birthday Cakes For You

No time to find birthday ice cream cakes? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our selection ofice cream cakes can be ordered online conveniently and have it delivered to your door with our same-day delivery!


Unique Ice Cream Cakes Malaysia

Rose Garden Ice Cream Cake


Nothing says unique more than a cake decorated with tonnes of roses! If your loved ones are into roses, theRose Garden Ice Cream Cake by Kindori is perfect for their birthday celebration. Dive into the flavours of luscious strawberry flavour, decorated with roses to perfection! This will surely brighten up their birthday. 


Rocher Ice Cream Cake


Is your person a chocolate lover? Well, theRocher Ice Cream Cake by Inside Scoop might be the right choice for them. Inspired by the iconic Ferrero Rocher chocolate, this ice cream cake is coated with milk chocolate mousse and peanut chunks for the perfect chocolatey and nutty flavour. Not to mention, the rounded shape of this cake looks exactly like the chocolate version! 


Perfect 10 Ice Cream Cake


If you’re looking for an ice cream cake that has a little bit of everything, look no further than the Perfect 10 Ice Cream Cake by Kindori. Not only is it perfectly sliced, but each slice has its own unique decadent flavour such asMango, Strawberry, Sumiyaki Coffee, Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Matcha, Sweet Corn, Black Sesame, Coconut & Mint with Chocolate Chips. Each bite of every flavour is a journey on its own, perfect for the adventurous types!


Birthday Ice Cream Cake For Kids


It’s safe to say that time is precious when it comes to watching your children or little siblings grow up. Most parents would look forward to celebrating their children’s birthdays, just to see the joy on their little faces as they light up the birthday cake. Kids are notorious for being picky eaters, but most can’t say no to an ice cream cake!

  • Oreo Ice Cream Pie: What describes a more yummy and scrumptious cake than an oreo ice cream cake?Crafted with artisanal gelato ice cream and crushed oreos, this will surely be your children’s favourite.
  • Shape Of My Heart Ice Cream Cake: Got a little girl who loves hearts and all things pink? This gorgeous heart-shaped ice cream cake is perfect to win over her heart! Topped with succulent berries, this pink strawberry-flavoured ice cream cake is ideal for your little girl.
  • Neapolitan Ice Cream Cake: Nothing can go wrong with a Neapolitan ice cream cake filled with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry-flavoured ice cream. This cake is decorated with white and purple frosting and topped with a little bear. It’s a classic choice!


Ice Cream Cake by Inside Scoop 


Launched in 2013, Inside Scoophad their first store in Bangsar with 16 flavours, including the best sellers Durian and Valrhona Chocolate! Their ice cream cakes are handmade from scratch and come in a range of flavours. Perfect to surprise your friends, family or even co-workers on their birthdays!


Inside Scoop Signature Ice Cream Cake


Want an all-time favourite cake that can easily be enjoyed by everyone? Inside Scoop’s Signature Ice Cream Cake offers a combination of their classic Valrhona Chocolate and Vanilla Bean ice cream,sandwiched between layers of soft sponge cake. Coated with smooth whipped cream and topped with chocolate ganache, this one is definitely a crowd favourite! 


Inside Scoop Rose Ice Cream Cake


If you want a more classy-looking birthday cake, Inside Scoop’s Rose Ice Cream Cake is a good option! Decorated with a classic rose design and glazed with white chocolate, this combination of Valrhona Chocolate and Vanilla Bean sponge cake is the perfect blend of fun and classy. You can never go wrong with their best-selling Valrhona Chocolate and Vanilla Bean flavoured ice cream.


Inside Scoop Bombe Alaska Ice Cream Cake


Want a birthday cake with a little Malaysian twist? The best-selling Bombe Alaska Ice Cream Cake by Inside Scoop is the perfect option for the durian lover in your life. The decadent mixture of Durian and Valrhona Chocolate Ice Cream coated with torched meringue is definitely mouth-watering.


Ice Cream Cake by Kindori


Get your hands on delectable Ice Cream Cakes from Kindori Moments' skilled bakers. These expertly crafted ice cream cakes were developed by a Japanese ice cream brand and use only 100% natural and halal ingredients to guarantee maximum freshness! Enjoy delicious creations like ice cream bouquets and pastries with durian ice cream from Kindori with your loved ones.


Kindori Mang Berries Ice Cream Cake


If you’re looking for a vegan birthday cake, Kindori has one for you! Their Mang Berries Ice Cream Cake is a delectable choice with a combination of creamy mango and strawberry-flavoured ice cream, perfect for fruit lovers. The base of the cake is made with a 5-inch mango ice cream topped with a pink strawberry ice cream ribbon. Easy on the eyes, but even better with every bite!


Kindori Durian Family Ice Cream Cake


This funky-looking Durian Family Ice Cream Cake by Kindori is easily one of the best options for durian enthusiasts out there. Made with premium quality durian puree, it’s the closest to an actual durian an ice cream cake can get!


Kindori K-Tower Ice Cream Cake


Have a fancy birthday party coming up? This two-tiered K-Tower Ice Cream Cake from Kindori might be perfect for the occasion. Indulge in a symphony of dark chocolate and strawberry-flavoured ice cream, decorated with luscious berries and a beautiful white ribbon for the classy touch!

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