#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

#1 Cake Delivery Service In Malaysia

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This is my 8 purchased i rasa, cake rose tu i suka sangat sebab sedap and full with mango, last time murah je. But dia dah kurangkan bahan & lebihkan harga! Emtah apa apa. Dahla tak dapat paper bag, bila kita tanya logistic issue? Apa ke benda beli cake harga 100 takde paper bag. Dah macam beli cake kat tepi jalan. Low class! Kita beli sebab nak paper bag tu so that penerima happy.

Sedap nak mampos

I ordered this cake many times and it’s always a hit. Not too sweet, delicious and the crunchy toppings added extra bite to the super soft cake.

Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch °C
Ferrero Rocher in a cake

So so good and not too sweet. If you like ferrero rocher chocolates you will love this mousse cake. The mousse is also refreshing, not too rich as in many chocolate ones I've tasted.


Everything went well from ordering, the delivery guy and to the receiver. Found it very creative, nice colours, photos turn out well and most importantly the birthday girl was happy upon receiving it. :-)

Very good

Taste good and package good. Will buy again.


Bought this cake for a friend. He loves it! Taste is unique unlie the usual Pandan cake. Hasa local twist to the taste. Highly recommended.

Romantic Cake

Thanks allot outstanding service... from Pakistan 🤗

Gorgeous Fig Cake
Ahmed B.

I ordered this cake for my wife's birthday it was amazing! Not too sweet. Has a layer of fig jam and decorated with lavendar leaves. Your mouth feels the softness cloud lf cream first, followed by the sweetness of the fig jam and closes the experience with the flavor of lavendar in your mouth that stays with you leaving you feeling excited and inspired. Highly reccomend!

Ice cream with no cake is just ice cream!


Nice Taste

The cake tastes really good like ice cream. Delivery on time. However, cake received not in good condition

A very good experience indeed.

What I liked the most was the cake and the packaging-the cake is yummy. It's the small things that really make a difference. The delivery was on time. Thank you.

The tiny cake was very delicious.. like it so much😃😃

Cake dia sedap even kecik cenonet, delivery agak lambat maybe sebab hujan. Uncle tu banyak kali cakap sorry.

Superb cake

I was hesitant if I should order this cake or not because of the reviews mentioning the cake being frozen. I contacted the bakery and they explained me the process. The cake is blast frozen indeed. Made fresh and frozen for delivery. It is clearly indicated in the cake when you receive it and the instructions to follow. The cake is moist and tastes fresh. It is not sweet. Very well balanced taste. Presentation is good. Delivery was on time, polite rider, packaging was adequate and cute. Super positive experience!

Romantic Cake
Wan N.W.J.
Terbaik kek rush

Sgt puas hati, kek smpai tepat pada masanya, kek sedap sgt.. Lain kali order lagi.


Not sour, not sweet, just nice and balanced.
Love the cream cheese spreads. Recommended

Fast Delivery

Received on time and my colleagues loved it.

Not as advertised

Shoddy workmanship where the ribbon is out of shape and the bear's ear is disfigured. Utterly disappointed.

Party Bear
Poor quality and shoddy workmanship

Cake arrived with the name smeared, and bear’s ribbon out of shape. Cake tastes bad as well. So disappointed. Will never repeat order. Charging that kind of premium price and under deliver.

Incredibly delicious

It’s so good! Rich, velvety and not too sweet. If you are into solid chocolatey cake, this is it!!!

NOT fruit cake!

I ordered 3 x vegan fruit cake. Unfortunately, I didn't get fruit cake; rather I got 3 cakes with a sprinkling of raisins. I could hardly find any other fruit. In fact, even the raisins in each cake was sparse. Therefore, instead of "fruit cake", they should be called "plain cake with a sprinkling of raisins".

I feel cheated on this score.

[Note: The cakes were well-baked and well presented]

Beautiful cake.

This cake is perfect for those who love roses. Beuatiful and delicious too.

Mango King Cake
Daisy L.

Mango cake, sweetness just right.

Whimsical Unicorn
Syazlyn P.Z.
My daughter loves her cake so much, it was tasty chocolate cake altho the icing is pretty sweet.

Loved that it looks exactly as per expected.

Love the surprises that come with the packaging

Box and butterflies